I told you Marijuana Cures Cancer

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by bigfatpothead, Apr 16, 2012.

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    Well it has been a few years now and there are thousands of people across the country who have cured their cancer with hash oil!

    I want to say a BIG FUCK YOU, to all you assholes who were PMing me and calling me names and saying I was lying!

    I have now cured well over 250 terminal cancer patients myself.

    I came here to yank my own chain and say I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!

    Now think how many people could be alive today if you motherfuckers had not dissed me and the cure for cancer!

    It is retards like you guys who keep cannabis down and keep our country living in the dark ages!

    I hope a lot of you have woken up to the cancer cure by now and I will accept any apologies!

    Roland A. Duby
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    After a message like this, I'm sure the apologies will come pouring in..
  3. Keith Keith

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    Heh. Not everyday you see a savior going around saying "I DID IT! I CURED THEM! FUCK YOU OTHER STUPID ASSHOLES WHO SAID I COULDN'T!"
  4. johnsenfrankin johnsenfrankin

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    The drug companies pay lobbyists to court the government, and then give them huge campaign contributions in order to keep marijuana illegal.
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    It is the OP giving marijuana a bad name. Like biker gangs in the fifties gave motorcycles a bad name, we got over it. We will get over intelligent folks like the OP also.

    I use MAJOR amounts of oil extract, my cancer spread from my liver to my lung, then liver to colon. Somehow all this oil is not stopping it, perhaps I am not saying the correct chant as I extract the oil, magic needs those touches.
    But for enhancing the morphine script it works tremendously well. When the cancer hit the colon the discomfort level had them double the morphine. Yuck, no way, I doubled the oil instead and more good was done.
    But cure? no, the real world does not go away no matter how much oil is consumed.

    A statistic like 250 extra live people would be grabbed at by dying folks very fast, do you really think a secret like that would excape a rich sick person grasping at every chance? They charter jets to south america for frog injections, hash oil would be on their list if not more of a joke than toad sweat.

    Great stuff, but cure?
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  7. Azurion Azurion

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    Journal of Controlled Release, May 2012:

    New study showing that treating cancer with cannabinoids (CBD) in slow-release "spherical microparticles" increases the anti-tumor effect.


    so pha 1 of two things. you suck at making/eating the oil... or fate just hates you.

    try this.

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