If Pills Kill More Than Gun's? Why Is Weed Main Focus?

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If Pills Kill More Than Gun's? Why Is Weed Main Focus?

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    [IMG] = 290 deaths a day

    [IMG] = Zero deaths daily ?
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    1. OTC drugs are not prescribed by your very own doctor. They are purchased Over-The-Counter.

    2. Prescription drugs, taken by the person for whom they are prescribed and in the prescribed dosage, are not the cause of most of these fatalities. Prescription drugs diverted from their intended users and/or taken in over-dosage are.

    I’m no fan of Big Pharma. They grossly overcharge. They bring out new drugs not because they’re better but because the patents on the old ones have run out. They control the FDA. They pay “our” representatives to keep marijuana illegal to avoid competition.

    Medical marijuana is not the main focus. Marijuana is. And marijuana is the main focus for several reasons. As I said, it competes with Big Pharma. Since marijuana is used by far more people than any other illicit drug, it represents the “low-hanging fruit” for law enforcement. Marijuana users are easier to find. Marijuana users, being peaceful people, are much less risk to the cops than drunks, tweakers, crackheads, or junkies.
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