IN: License of Doctor Accused of Growing Marijuana Suspended

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    License of Doctor Accused of Growing Marijuana Suspended
    WISH | 06/9/2005

    (Columbus) -- A state medical board has suspended the license of a doctor accused of growing marijuana in his home.

    An emergency order by the Indiana Health Professions Bureau says that Dr. Arnaldo Trabucco, a urologist, is prohibited from practicing medicine in Indiana until the suspension is resolved.

    Trabucco and his wife, Pamela, face charges of possession of marijuana. Bartholomew County sheriff's deputies and U.S. postal inspectors found marijuana plants growing in the couple's Columbus house. He was arrested April 28th.

    Trabucco practiced in the New York City region from 1987 to 2003, when he came to Columbus Regional Hospital in southern Indiana.

    He's been published in major medical journals, and he is a member of several professional medical societies and associations.

    An initial hearing is set for later this month.

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