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    So I'm going to be making a trip to India this winter, and I was wondering if anyone has been there and sampled the herbage?

    I would expect lots of hash, palmrolled, black, and tar like-but maybe im wrong, I really have no idea.... Thats just what my mind conjured up

    I am going to be there for about 4 weeks, and it would be nice to have something to smoke, y'all know how that goes....

    Let me know, Im pretty curious as to the safety of buying and travelling in the country with MJ, also the quality intrigues me. Bomb hash would rock, but dirt weed wouldn't surprise me.

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    A buddy of mine went back there for the whole summer. From what I gather, actual bud is somewhat uncommon, yet hash is all over the place.

    He said they all smoke out of chillums as opposed to bongs. The raves up in the highland look awesome (he showed me pics) and the whole 'psychadelic scene' is pretty active up there.

    I was surprised, I thought it would be strict. But he told me that since MJ is a huge part of life with the Sadhus (Hindu holy men), the cops don't go out on huge busts often. He said that sometimes (I don't know the rate, so be careful!!!) you can just bribe the cops if they stop you and you have bud.

    Sounds like an awesome place, your lucky :)
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    you will get hashed till you drop;)
    make sure you dont forget to go home :D

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