Introvert or Extrovert?

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Are partakers of ganja introverts or extroverts?

Introverts - rely on themselves during stress (Some tea and a book would be nice) 44 vote(s) 86.3%
Extroverts - rely on others during stress (party hard!!!!) 7 vote(s) 13.7%
  1. solrac solrac

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    In my experience smokers are mostly introverts as am I. Would you guys say that smokers are mostly introverts or extroverts?
  2. the_hitman the_hitman

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    I try to steer clear of generalizations..but here they are. So you have you're stoners, right, the kids who are always have really bloodshot eyes, but also the people that keep to themselves and other stoners. Other people look at these people as mysterious a lot of the time. Generally, the typical stoner is introverted. Then you have your punks(non-music-related) who smoke weed for the thrill of doing something illegal. Generally, these are extroverted.

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    I never heard of either of those words, but by the way you described them I went with introvert. :p
  4. Meursault Meursault

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    I'd say it's mixed. Some smoker friends of mine are very extroverted and smoke pot, but since I am an introvert, many of my good smoking buddies are introverts as well.

    I'll throw out another stereotype and say that most smokers on here will be introverts because "here" is a forum, where people communicate through suspended response times.
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  5. Doc Mitch Doc Mitch

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    I am quite introverted, and even more so when I'm high. I can go days without seeing another person and it won't bother me in the least bit.

    EDIT: BTW, an introvert is a person that would commonly (and incorrectly) be referred to as anti-social. An extrovert is just the opposite of an introvert.
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  6. toothfairy420 toothfairy420

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    I actually go through phases, at this point in my life I am very introverted, It's like I am on this journey inside myself at the moment, to find my true self and connect with my spirit. I was pretty introverted as a teenager as well, but when I turned 18 I started partying a lot, clubbing up in BC after I turned 19, and by 23 I started my inward journey...I have the feeling that my true self is going to bust out any time now.
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  7. Mushroom Man Mushroom Man

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    Introverted for sure
  8. jodster jodster

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    I like doing both but I leaning more to being a extrovert. I don't necessarily like partying hard but I like going out and just hanging out with friends.
  9. sweet cheeba sweet cheeba

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    me and my friends all smoke cuz its a social thing and its fun with a group of people
    definitely extroverted
  10. Killerchron Killerchron

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    I smoke by myself 96.7% of the time, FWIW.
  11. newcarcaviar newcarcaviar

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    Same story with me. I've been introverted my whole life.
  12. joshpackr joshpackr

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    I'm very much an introvert myself and I usually enjoy smoking alone as opposed to with other people. I seem to enjoy my buzz more when I'm alone.
  13. rich420 rich420

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    Introverted. yup.
  14. Dewey Dewey

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    Extrovert TBH
  15. JohnnyMT JohnnyMT

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    I would say definitely Introverts. I know I am
  16. makepeacebehappy makepeacebehappy

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    I'm definitely an introvert.
  17. Monsoon77 Monsoon77

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  18. zig zag zig zag

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    i'm an introvert at heart, yet i have an extrovert side which appears quite often.

    and this filters through to my smoking habits. i'm comfortable smoking on my own in my room, but i also love going to parties while high or doing things with friends. :)
  19. Wybe Wybe

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    Zig Zag, I couldn't have said it better myself.
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  20. Ianfagerstrom Ianfagerstrom

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    Introverted, except around certain friends.

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