Is buying marijuana seeds online legal?

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by LesticularCancer, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. LesticularCancer LesticularCancer

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    I have recently come across and they claim to ship seeds worldwide. I'm wondering if it's legal to purchase them online and have them shipped to my residence in Florida? I have spent the past thirty minutes googling the subject, and I have come across several different answers and I'm a little confused. The one that made the most sense was that it is illegal to posses the seeds, but they can be shipped discreetly by being hidden in packages. How risky would this be? Does anyone know how reputable this website is? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  2. stoneygreenbud stoneygreenbud

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    any on-line purchase can be risky,

    to answer your question, no it is not legal, but it is done every day of the year.

    there are some companys that will ship worldwide, and do so discreetly. usually when customs intercepts a package of beans, the only thing you'll get is a manafest/notice of confiscation letter from customs.

  3. Stoned_Penguin Stoned_Penguin

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    They're illegal but it would be too much work for the government to prosecute them, so they mostly let them do what they want.
  4. clint902 clint902

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    The seeds themselves are alright and I've been tempted to buy some myself but if the feds ever check the sales records of the company that sells them, they could pull up the customers address and that would be a problem and cause suspicion that the customers is cultivating, harvesting and selling the stuff. I personally wouldn't want my front door kicked in because of a suspicion. I don't grow my own because I don't want to get robbed. The stuffs hard to get around here and really expensive.
  5. GanjaMarley GanjaMarley

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    Well, depending on where you live the seeds are either legal/illegal. Some companies that sell seeds online worldwide offer a lot of discretion and may even appear on the credit card as some random clothes company. Others offer discreet packaging hiding the seeds inside t-shirts and throwing random things like coffee mugs in the package. But depends on the company and you should investigate well before ordering any.
    Best of luck anyways :afro:
  6. Grass-Smoka Grass-Smoka

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    Pretty sure it is illegal in your area, check your laws...
  7. LesticularCancer LesticularCancer

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    Okay, thanks for all the answers.
  8. simon_james simon_james

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    Its legal in BC but not in the US. Google Marc Emery's case for more information.
  9. 1956 1956

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    • Posts: 2,765, a sister site to this one has a section on seed companies and variety of opinions about different ones.
  10. Giro_ Giro_

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    Well of course you are going to be buying them for a collective use i presume?

    Of course it is not encouraged, but hey, what are they going to do? Dude, It's Ok to buy them, just once you do buy them, keep it to your self and as low brow as possible.

    No need for any unnecessary risk.
  11. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Viable cannabis seeds are illegal under US law - period. Shipments get intercepted on occasion, but I've never heard of anyone getting prosecuted.

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