Is there a peak To your High?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by BiRd DaWgY, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. BiRd DaWgY BiRd DaWgY

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    Ive searched and have found nothing on this subject, so i apologize if there is and i have missed it.

    I was just wondering if there is a peak to how high you can get. I ask this because last night i smoked 4 blunts of some really dank stuff. The dankest ive smoked in a while. After the 2 second blunt lemme just say i was fuckin FADED like seing shit faded :trippy: . and after we smoked the second two i didnt feel like i got any higher just twice as tired. Why is this?

    Thanks for any help given
  2. sammysmoker sammysmoker

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    Ive always found that I couldnt get any higher after a few bowls, so what you got to do is reach your peak, wait until you start coming off, and then smoke more to reach your peak again, and repeat these steps until your out of weed:)
  3. kjp420 kjp420

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    u prolly were stoned as balls if ur seeing shit faded ur prolly as high as you can get i personallydont stop getting high but i dont normally smoke 4 lol
  4. BiRd DaWgY BiRd DaWgY

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    Haha alright thanks dude ill try it.
  5. p0th3d p0th3d

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    well when i smoke, like have day sessions and shit, i always end up reaching a certain point and then dont get any more high... its like a glass of will only fill so far..then it will just overflow and waste water other words..if you smoke past the point of complete highness, your just wasting weed.
    so smoke till you as high as can be.. and then wait till it starts wearing off to '' 'top up' the glass'' lol
  6. Shellshock Shellshock

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    I personally think that there is a peak. Once you hit that peak, its all tiredness from there. I know exactly what you're talking about.
  7. BiRd DaWgY BiRd DaWgY

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    Alright thanks and it happens to me all the time so ill just stop smokin after i reach it and save my weed thanks guys.
  8. Bodhi1976 Bodhi1976

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    When you've fully saturated the THC receptors in your brain, you can't get any higher. This is mediated by your tolerance as well. Frequent heavy smokers can't get as high as occasional smokers.
  9. Joemakerman Joemakerman

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    Sorry to take this off topic a little, but can the same thing happen with alcohol, or any other drug? I'm not much of a drinker whatsoever (only drank 4 times, never been drunk, only buzzed), and not very educated in that field. All I really know is marijuana lol.

  10. Kushy Kushy

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    All drugs.. Including marijuana, alcohol, and even aspirin all have tolerance
  11. Joemakerman Joemakerman

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    Thanks for the response, man.

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