Johnny Cash

Discussion in 'Music' started by beats, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. beats beats

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    Well, he died at 71. And its safe to say he left his mark..

    He was one of my favourite artists, and he was a flat out just cool guy.

    At least he's with his wife now though..(just drop it you atheists)

    Just thought I'd post it.
  2. Ernesto Ernesto

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    good, i hope theyre having fun.

    i never liked him, i dont care that he died...
  3. KahunaBudz KahunaBudz

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    Re: Re: Johnny Cash

    Thats Cold. He was an icon just like Jimi Hendrix. He may have not been one of my favorites, but to dismiss his death like that of a squashed bug is harsh.

    So then what is the point of saying you never liked him, im sure millions of people would care less but they arent telling everyone they dont give a sh*t. :rolleyes:


    Here is a Link with some info on Jonny Cashes Death.
  4. TheCleric TheCleric

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    My thoughts go out to Mr. Cashs family, we lost a good musician today :sulkoff:

    Ernesto stop being a punk, we don't need people trolling in such a somber thread.
  5. Kenobi Kenobi

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    He died??
    damn man no way
  6. Ernesto Ernesto

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    Im not being a punk , or a troll...the title of the thread is Johnny Cash, and If others can weigh in with thier opinions on him or his music, then I can too. Im a senior member of the forum, and my opinion is as valid as any other...

    thank you for your time.
  7. Kenobi Kenobi

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    Holy sh** on another note
    John ritter died ! the dad from the hot girls in 8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter incredible

    The Legendary Johnny Cash R.I.P
    His last video Hurt was just incredible .
    It was such a change in music ive head in a long time ,all that justin timberlake **** was playing ,and then suddenly Johnny Cash total shock .
  8. SmokyThePenguin SmokyThePenguin

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    i'm still mourning Carroll O'Connor

    i didnt hear that Johnny cash died though...damn
  9. woshbosh woshbosh

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    RIP johnny cash. man, this was a total surprise, he will be dearly missed

    and stfu ernesto, don't click "post reply" unless u got something nice to say
  10. YetiManY3K YetiManY3K

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    Re: Re: Re: Johnny Cash

    Maybe this is more like what Ernesto meant. I don't care that Johnny Cash died. I care that a human being died. I don't care how rich or famous he was, it doesn't bother me any more or less. Its sad when people die, but regular people die every day, and they don't get threads for them.
  11. firsttimer firsttimer

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    Arrrrrggggg:rolleyes: :mad:
  12. Jurassic5 Jurassic5

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    Yetiman, you are a dumbass...

    Johnny Cash dying is a little more important and more sad because what he did with his life, he was arguably the greatest country musician of all time, he should have won more awards at the MTV thing, he deserved them alot more than people who dont write thier own music, or play thier own instraments like justin timberlake. im not a fan of country music myself but i can still apreciate what an amazing talent he was
  13. dj atom 12 dj atom 12

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    It's a damn shame how Nashville turned it's back on the old-schoolers like Cash and Willie Nelson to pave the way for crap like the dixie chics. Rip.

    You know he just redid HURT from nine inch nails?
  14. SkinnyP SkinnyP

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    The NIN version was so much better..

    RIP Johnny Cash, although I agree with yetiman.
  15. imported_strange_blaze imported_strange_blaze

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    Sorry buddy, but johnny cash dying is certainly not more important than any other human dying. There are plenty of people in this world that have done much more than johnny cash and will never have that kind of recognition and probably prefer it that way.

    anyways...I dont like country music, but I did like Johnny Cash. R.I.P.

    aint dat the truth :D
  16. beats beats

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    I don't think thats what he meant yetiman. Don't be an ass Ernesto.

    Yah, its aggravating how the dixie chicks or tim mcgraw have labelled country into ****. If you listen to country like Waylen Jennings, Willie nelson, Jessi cook or Johnny cash, it is pretty much a whole differnt type of music that nowadays country.

    Hurt was cool. I like the video. Did you hear Trent Reznor was in tears from it? They interviewed him during some awards or a biography.

    I'm really going to miss him though.
  17. ThaNarc ThaNarc

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    The music world has lost a true icon. The man in black defined all that is cool. There is just something about his voice that never fails to sends chills up my spine. He will be missed.
  18. YetiManY3K YetiManY3K

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    Excuse me? I dont think I deserved to be called a dumbass for what I said. Johnny Cash was a good musician, but his life was no more important than a good doctors, a good lawers, a good butchers, a good bag boy at a supermarket. The occupation of musician gets payed more than most other occupations but its no more important at all.
  19. Ernesto Ernesto

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    Yetiman is right..well, about the fact that Cash's life is no more sadder and far less moving than any other member of society...
    Cash was a 2 bit singer who made it big on the strength of some hit songs...its my opinion and Im gonna stick to it.
  20. beats beats

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    Man, get the **** out of this thread.

    This isn't here to speak ill of the dead, just because he was no greater doesn't make him any less.

    I don't give a damn if its your opinion, make a thread about it if you want, don't put it in a thread that's talking about his life on earth being gone and him being dead.

    Maybe the fact you think he had just a couple hits or covers made him famous doesn't mean thats all he ever made. Ever listen to the other 1400 songs he recorded? Or even 30 others songs?

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