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    Limit pusher
    Testing the boundaries
    Stretching them to a squeeze
    Takes him down to his knees

    All or nothing
    There is no middle ground
    Silence is the sound
    Squaring up when its round

    Really got me
    Thinking 'bout who I am
    Wondering if I can
    Hatch out a masterplan

    Breakin the rules
    Handing out mega blues
    Walking in dangerous shoes
    Tinted with vibrant hues

    She's so special
    She moves right through me
    Rolling on high seas
    In waves of pure ecstacy

    Taking time to
    Figure out who they are
    Speeding in different cars
    They are all superstars

    We are champions
    Flowers among the weed
    Meeting our many needs
    Feeding our breeding greed

    Who are you now?
    And where are you going to?
    What are you gonna do?
    And why is the how so new?

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