Just got a new normal glass pipe? How to smoke?

Discussion in 'Hand Pipes' started by cyberticdj, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. cyberticdj cyberticdj

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    Could someone give me a full-on instruction on how to do it? I really don't wanna waste weed, so please help me out on how to smoke from my glass pipe
  2. MarsVoltaa MarsVoltaa

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    1. But the "funk" in the bowl or the crater shape at the end of the pipe.

    2. Get a match, lighter, or whatever you use for a flame.

    3. Hold the carb or hole on the side while you light and inhale. I let go during inhale but whatever...

    4. Rinse and repeat till your nice and chill..

    Probably not the best guide but try and work with me. Happy tokin'
  3. Everlong2019 Everlong2019

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    1. Put the weed in the bowl

    2. Take your fire, begin to inhale on the pipe just like you would normally breathe air in

    3. Move the fire slightly above the bowl (like a centimeter) so that the inhale makes air push the fire into the weed and burn it

    4. Inhale for as long as you can, pull the bowl away from your mouth, inhale a little fresh air to clear your mouth and throat of the smoke and hold for about 3 seconds

    5. Inhale a nice cloud of smoke

    6. Be mega stoned.

    7. Cut a hole in the box

    8. Put your dick in the box

    9. Make her open the box.
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  4. allenlovesgreen allenlovesgreen

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    Oh yea...:dance::singer:

    Perfect advice on the other stuff by the way. :p
  5. twoheadedboy twoheadedboy

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    What they said, but a few extra tips. Don't use a zippo or matches, they taste raunchier and if you're toking alone or don't think your buddy will be able to toke quickly, put something over the bowl (that wont burn) to put out the cherry so you dont waste any weed.
  6. jondank13 jondank13

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    Theres always videos on youtube.
  7. rich420 rich420

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    Looks like everyone pretty much covered the question. Your best bet would be youtube though, seeing things helps me learn better then reading would.

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