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  1. emuhhleee emuhhleee

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    So, I've smoked spice a few times, mainly the K2 kind that you'd get at the headshops. It was usually always fine, sometimes I'd get a little paranoid and panic-y. However, this shit, THIS SHIT was fucked up and I will never smoke spice EVER again.

    Dude comes in "Hey Emily, I got this CRAAAAAAZY shit I wanna smoke with ya, it'll knock you on your ass". It was ok, you take one hit and you're totally good, completely. I was okay for a few days smoking this spice shit. He said he got it from the head shop for $70/gram (holy shit right?) oh, and he mentioned that the people that own this headshop don't usually sell it.... Hmmm....

    I took one hit (a little larger than normal). I think I died that night. It was HORRIBLE. The feeling is instant, your muscles in your back get really warm almost like you're having a huge muscle cramp (so you have to lay down, sit down, you know?) My mind was 2 dimensional, I could see things around me and hear things, but they just sounded aloooot slower than they should have. I didn't know what was going on... like a salvia trip without the hallucinations. My brain was almost "ringing", uh, "vibrating", the most stupid feeling you could ever have. I did it with a friend of mine and I had asked her if we should go to the hospital - I felt like a vegetable. She said it felt like she was overdosing on meth.

    After that night, my brain has felt like it melted slightly, like candle wax. Although I remember my name and what the word "discombobulated" means.... I think I'm ok for the most part - BUT DAMN! that was horrible and I'll never smoke spice again.

    I re-read that, I'm sorry I do not explain it well enough, because how I describe it it doesn't sound horrible at all.
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  2. Love4TheNugg Love4TheNugg

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    I remember smoking spice. I remember how unreal shit felt. Never felt like that when smokin bud, even in EXTREME amounts (a few ounces at a time).

    Not a fan, I'll give it credit though, it does fuck your world up.
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  3. Teleo9 Teleo9

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    I think synthetics are ok as long as you know what you're getting, but part of the challenge is knowing what you're getting lol
  4. cabriosnap cabriosnap

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    done it once, never again. my buddy moved to georgia for a year, and thats like all he smoked since the weed there is so shwag, and he loves it. i personally cant stand the taste, or the "high". i really don't like the idea of it in any way...smoking chemicals? i'm good on that, id rather not get high
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  5. Equilibrium Equilibrium

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    Yeah, its horrible. Incredibly easy to overdose... if weed were legal 99% of us would never have even touched the shit.

    JWH-018 was recently made illegal to use as an ingredient in spice, so they went on to using other cannaboid JWH analogs which give a high that is actually less like weed and more like the poisonous chemicals they actually are.

    Its actually the worst kind of people that make this shit. They really don't care about your health,they care about money. Basically they are the same as the people that make meth, fuck you can even see the fucking profit margins are the same or higher then meth.

    70$ for a gram of spice. wow. I had gotten a gram of PURe JWH-018 for 40$ which is capable of making 10 ounces of spice. You just dissolve in in ethanol and let it soak into some herb,and you got spice.

    How can anyone say synthetic cannaboid analogs are okay? They are potentially more cancerous then steroids, They have no connection to marijuana. you have absolutely no way of knowing what your getting unless you made it yourself.
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  6. kusshhxo kusshhxo

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    ive smoked that shit a few times with ppl who cant smoke weed but i can not!! smoke that shit no more.
    it had me paranoid & feeling crazy.lol and out here they sell it in the gas stations/smoke shops for 5 a gram & you usually get 2. but theyre puttin a ban on it & you can serve jail time if caught with it .smh

    ive smoked that shit a few times with people who cant smoke weed & i can not!! smoke that shit no more. it makes me feel paranoid as all hell lol but they sell it down here in smoke shops/gas stations for $5 and you get 2grams. they are banning it though and if you get caught selling it you can get jail time. but ill stick 2 my weed ty . :blazed:
  7. Miketheman420 Miketheman420

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    jesus, i had a friend who was getting drug tested weekly by his dad and step mom, and his mom bought him fucking K2 and smoked it with him because he couldnt smoke nug, and he was addicted. i watched him scrape K2 resin from a bowl and smoke it. One time at this kids house we all smoked a few joints of it and i thought i might die. One of my friends passed out and was caught by the moms boyfriend before he hit the ground and he claims it feels like a angel caught him lolololol. this shit is soooo bad.
  8. DrPhilFan DrPhilFan

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    Just to add to the anti-spice movement. I had a similar experience with home made spice. At one point i couldn't smoke weed, i was towards the end of my probation plus i had athletic drug testing for college. So we all smoked spice and we bought it from a kid we met through a friend that made it. It really did fuck you up bad sometimes. And for a while it was going okay and it seemed to be a decent substitute. One batch he said he made a little stronger and he advised not smoking "too much" in a session. Well that night i decided to smoke by myself in my room at my parents and i just smoked a bowl of it. I started having the worst trip ever. I was having panic attack, I thought (knew) i heard a helicopter and thought (knew) a swat team was coming to arrest me. I couldn't move, my heart and mind was racing and body was tensing up. I was sure that i was about to have a heart attack and my door was locked so i was afraid that my parents wouldn't come find me soon enough to save me etc... it was terrible. When i finally came down i was laying in my bed in a pool of sweat. I got up to unlock my door and laid back down and went to sleep. That was the last time i ever smoked spice.
  9. emuhhleee emuhhleee

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    this post was re-named K2. what i smoked that night was NOT spice. just for clarification, it was NOT. I researched this awful drug and it's called AM 2201 and some spice brands are putting that in them so that it's legal again.....

    look it up, the side effects are horrible. it's nothing like THC, and i would never advise anyone to do it, ever.
  10. #BuD #BuD

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    I've smoked K2 and H7 a couple times. I feel it gets me really high but only for a short amount of time, and the taste is really strong. I'd much rather a bag of weed than spice, also that stuff is known to cause aneurysms.
  11. Ruckus Ruckus

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    Then you aparently misunderstand the term "spice".

    Spice is a purely generic term used to describe vegtable matter that is laced with a synthetic cannabinoid. Whereas AM-2201 is defined as a synthetic cannabinoid, spice is the applicable term for what you had smoked.
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