KEN: Marijuana Is Kenya’s Drug Of Choice

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    Bhang Is Kenya’s Drug Of Choice
    11-28-2004 | Emmanuel Mwendwa | The Standard

    Smoking marijuana or bhang is illegal in Kenya. But the law does not seem to hinder lovers of the drug any more.

    These days bhang is being grown extensively and smoked in public. Peddling of the drug is flourishing countrywide.

    The illegal trade has rapidly graduated into a money minting enterprise, with many people getting involved in bhang business full-time.

    Yet less than a decade ago, the drug — variously known as the "herb", dhom, sensi, ganja or shadah in street parlance — was not as readily available as is the case currently.


    The ease with which "joints" have become accessible is mind-boggling. For instance, it does not take a "regular" to buy or access a roll of bhang in some of the Nairobi streets.

    "Just pick on any of the people who hang around Odeon Cinema or Modern Green night-club and you will easily get it," says another pusher.


    {HerbNinja: Another example of marijuana prohibition making the marijuana trade into a very lucrative big business, instead of ridding of marijuana as intended.}
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    People in Kenya are smoking herb in public, that's beautiful. I thought that Khat was still their drug of choice.
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    I wonder if you get more Bhang for your buck over there :poke:
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    lol :laugh:

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