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Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by Pushrod, Dec 16, 2012.

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    A little background first:
    I have been working in the leather industry for around 8 years now, nothing to serious just mainly producing basic belts and the such for a local business. Recently I've been getting into more custom products and thought I would maybe try my hand at making a custom case/bag for bongs.

    The Idea:
    I've had the idea of a custom case/bag for bong's for a couple months but have not gone forward with it beyond my sketches and thoughts. It would be similar in shape to the fabric ones, shaped like a tube with padding on the inside, but it would be all out of leather. These would not be for everyone, simply because the price point would probably be around $400 - $500 on the low end, but I think that there could be a want for them.

    When I can access my scanner again I will put up the sketches I have, and I may be able to post a picture of a finished one if I can make one this week.

    So what's the consensus, would a leather case/bag be something of interest?

    *Just to clarify, I am not trying to sell a product here. I am merely just wondering if there’s interest before I go any further with it.
  2. Pushrod Pushrod

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    Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of communication on this. I was not able to start on the bag back when I first wanted to and could not set aside time for it for a while...That being said, I have managed to come up with a rough prototype of what I have in mind for a leather case.

    I can't seem to upload a file (get a message saying it is undefined, and don't know what that means), so below are two pictures from Dropbox.

    This bag would fit anything 17" and below...I have a piece that is 18.5" tall that fits, but the lid doesn't sit all the way closed.
    The inside is lined with synthetic sheep wool on the sides and with real wool on the lid. The final product would be all out of real wool either like the stuff in the picture or thicker/fluffier material.

    What does everyone think?



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