Like/reply not working (among several other software issues)

Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Keith, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. Keith Keith

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    This has been brought up several times in other threads, but I will go ahead and re-iterate it. Clicking on either 'Like' or 'Reply' only causes a popup that says "Security Error", thus rendering the Like and Reply buttons broken and un-usable. These are highly useful features that are necessary for a thriving online forum community.

    Other useful features that are no longer working are the following:

    • Mouseover previews of threads
    • The actual time of posts being displayed
    • Several features of a member's profile, including 'Activity' (a vital tool that I use as a moderator)
    To my fellow members - if you have seen or experienced any of these problems or additional problems, please share and/or discuss it in this thread.

    To the administrators - Please respond to this thread. Let us know that you guys are still properly operating and maintaining these forums, as most of us (including the moderation staff) feel abandoned at this point. If you're going to let the forums continue falling apart, just save everyone the trouble and make all these threads and discussions "The Archives" and put an end to what was started 13 1/2 years ago.
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  2. claygooding claygooding

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    I tried to like it but it didn't work
  3. Buzzby Buzzby

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    "Reply" button busted - check
    "Like" button busted - check
    Mouseover busted - check

    I'm getting the distinct impression that WeedMaps just doesn't give a shit
  4. Australianpothead Australianpothead

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    Still fucked down here also.
  5. Keith Keith

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    Now in addition to the numerous glitches and errors, here's the latest catastrophe:


    That's what the header section of the forums looks like in Google Chrome. Notice how "Moderated Posts" and "Reported Items" are completely gone because of this error. Those are two vital links that I use as a moderator to: A.) view and handle any post that gets reported, and B.) approve/disapprove/delete all new posts by new members. Fortunately, I was able to find the URL's to both those sections in my browser's history, so tonight I am catching up on almost 2 weeks of backlogged posts because of this problem.

    And please, I beg you on my knees, can we lose this sidebar already? It's very intrusive and makes writing private conversations difficult and reading usernames on posts impossible. Can't it just please be placed on the top or bottom of each page, so it isn't eclipsing everything in it's path?

    Any response at all from an administrator, even a "No", would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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