Liquid to put in you water pipe

Discussion in 'Water Pipes' started by sammyseedless, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. sammyseedless sammyseedless

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    Ok here me out here. I've been experimenting with different drinks to put in my water pipe. so far soda hasnt worked out very well. it hasnt made much of a difference. BUT i tried listerine. holy hell it was amazing. you taste the minty-ness of it. i HIGHLY recommend it. It also leaves your breathe minty. any other liquid that you guys use (besides water of course) ??
  2. ThorsBong ThorsBong

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    I enjoy Peppermint Schnapps.

    (I don't know why I capitalized that)
  3. DimePlease DimePlease

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    warm water. smoother hits

    chocolate milk because fuck it lol

    But seriously warm water, and maybe vodka :cheers:
  4. frolic frolic

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    So many liquids. Slurpee was the most fun.
  5. Tenderlungs Tenderlungs

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    Blue powerade
  6. Addict 7S Addict 7S

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    Im going to have to say that i prefer water.

    I just dont want a sticky bong.
  7. N3KR3P N3KR3P

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    Soda water was interesting, but yeah I like good old' H2O is the best.
  8. Kentuckybluegrass Kentuckybluegrass

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    Wine , blackberry brandy, bourbon all are great !!
  9. Pushrod Pushrod

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    Never heard of using warm water before (does room temp qualifies for 'warm'?), I tend to stick with Brita water from the fridge...Maybe add some ice cubes.

    Slurpee and Powerade sound interesting, going to have to give those a try sometime.
  10. Buzzby Buzzby

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    I fill the bottom with crushed ice and water. The tube, above the ice catcher, is also filled with crushed ice. I get the thickest, coolest vapor I've ever seen.
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  11. Jaggernaut Jaggernaut

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    I'm surprised nobody said milk and ice. I only use that when I have a full gallon
    Also try using dairy coffee creamer. My favorite is vanilla and hazelnut.
  12. Jmoney1442 Jmoney1442

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    my buddy filled his bong with rootbeer once. it was the hardest the bong ever ripped, but i don't like the thought of smoking sugar...

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