LSD mixed with Marijuana

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Zeroxtreem, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Zeroxtreem Zeroxtreem

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    I'm curious as to what kind of effect smoking while at the beginning/end phase of the LSD trip would have. Has anyone ever mixed both before?

    When I tried shrooms a few months back I smoked before, during, and after, and it made it a ton better.

    Is there some reason why I shouldn't mix?

    And also, I checked the posting guidelines before making this question just to make sure it was allowed. Since I'm not specifically talking about the two different off-topics but rather in conjunction with smoking it's allowed, yes? If not, I apologize. :(
  2. Amato d00d Amato d00d

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    From what people have told me (I don't know first-hand) it makes the LSD trip better, and I can't imagine a reason why you shouldn't I mean if anything smoking weed would keep you away from having a bad trip if your anything like me, because weed makes me happy :D
  3. thrice twice thrice twice

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    i have never tripped on cid or shrooms without smoking some weed, its like a must for me. makes it so much better
  4. ChrisRoberts ChrisRoberts

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    To be honest the last time i took LSD I do not remember smoking anyweed, how ever my 8th was completely gone and smoked up so, from what I can gather, it didnt do much, and this was some KUSH.
  5. sanfranciscosadhu sanfranciscosadhu

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    Quantity changes quality here, meaning a little (weed) goes a long way and actually can make the experience better.
  6. newcarcaviar newcarcaviar

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    Not to worry, zero, your post is on topic. :)

    Myself, I've never gotten ripped on weed while tripping, just a few hits maybe at the beginning and ending of a trip to enhance it a bit. I've never smoked while peaking just because I wanted to appreciate the effects of the other drugs by themselves.

    Smoking during the come-up will kill waiting time and it can be cool if it's timed to that when the weed's starting to wear off, the psychedelics are just starting to kick in. Smoking afterwards is always fun because usually you already feel really really amazing and a couple bowls just kind of makes the whole experience complete. Some people say that smoking extends the trip, and that may be true for them, but I just find that it's a weed buzz and I like to pretend it's still the psychs, haha.
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  7. Hashishi Hashishi

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    It does change the quality of the trip. The visuals become deeper and any breathing you experience slows in pitch quite significantly. If you're having a light, giggly one it'll be pushed into something much more complex and introspective. IME.

    Agreed with Thrice. For me it's a must.
  8. UpInFlames UpInFlames

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    Smoking weed will enhance your trip for sure. But the problem is that if you do anything stupid while high, and get caught/arrested, marijuana will be focused on greatly thus giving it an even worse reputation. This will only give fuel to the ban on marijuana and that's the last thing we need. Just be safe and smart.
  9. Amato d00d Amato d00d

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    Thats a litle over dramatic I think. I mean I don't think they would crucify the dude and air him out on national tv or anything for being high.
  10. Quiksilver0810 Quiksilver0810

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    I no huh? haha. Who cares! There's always guna be people who hate on mary jane. just smoke it and don't complain. haha. answer your question sir:
    I've had my fair share of run-ins with different types of drugs and acid was one of my favorites.
    At heart I am a complete stoner so anything I do will be done while smoking weed. It will intensify your trip of course, it could also make you calm down, or make you trip even harder (in a paranoid way). So always be in a relaxed setting and with people you fully trust. This will take the edge off. And if you haven't tripped on acid before (and want to know solely what acid feels like by itself) then just be with some chill friends. That should be enough to keep oneself calm. But I would recommend smoking a bowl or two after you take a hit (of acid) and this will calm the mind and body making you in a better mood for your TRIIPPPP`~~~~
  11. UpInFlames UpInFlames

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    I'm not talking about just being high, i'm talking about doing something stupid while high. Say you broke into someones house while high on LSD. LSD is a pretty hardcore drug and people already know that so it won't be much of a suprise. But if you broke into someone's house while high on LSD AND marijuana, people who are against pot can say that the marijuana was what made you do it. And there are tons of gullable people in this country who won't hesitate to believe it.
  12. jdogg2112 jdogg2112

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  13. jwnich93 jwnich93

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    ive always wanted to do lsd, or shrooms. but no hookups
  14. breadcake breadcake

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    It's because very few people bother making it for reselling. There's very few demands compared to other drugs. So people just focus their resources on other, more profitable drugs.

    But according to this page on facts about lsd, lsd is making a comeback because the demand is growing. But I know that a lot of people prefer to make it instead of waiting.

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