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  1. NCisBlaZed NCisBlaZed

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    how can i make weed its not as harsh and fast burning
  2. iamskfan iamskfan

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    I've always added an orange peel, or apple peel. I've even added a damp paper towel. But you don't wanna leave it in there for too long it can mold and get to wet to smoke.

    depending on the amount you have 24 hours or less is good
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  3. rich420 rich420

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    I throw in lettuce or orange peels in my jars.
  4. Sopratutto Sopratutto

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    unless it's turning to dust, i prefer it dry myself, as does my kief catcher :)

    heed iamskfan's warning on the mold though or you could get sick.
  5. SleepyJohn SleepyJohn

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    It sounds like a vaporizer would solve All Your problems, with harsh smoke. Wetting it down, just makes steam,and that's a hash matter for Your throat to cope with.
  6. Rockso Rockso

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    Hwey i'm just wondering, how long have you been smoking and whats you're method?
  7. NCisBlaZed NCisBlaZed

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    maybe 5 months, and usally i smoke outta joints, or a bottle lol.
  8. Rockso Rockso

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    lol well joints you can fix by getting slower burning paper, Idk what they are you'd have to ask around. Less harsh well joints tend to be the harshest i think.get yourself a bubbler or a regular pipe. My weed lasts me a while and I never really have aproblem with harsh smoke with my pipe.
  9. mrsuperstereo mrsuperstereo

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    wetter weed isn't better. i wouldnt recommend wetting your weed once it dries. harsh weed is harsh weed wet or dry. want smoother? gotta go for a smoother strain, but smoother doesnt really mean better either. each strain has its own properties. my recommendation is stick to strains you like and just quit being such b!tch... it's not that bad. you're breathing in SMOKE for crying out loud, it's not going to feel comfortable to your fleshy lungs half the time. you just gotta get so used to it that it doesnt bother you...

    or take smaller hits.
  10. ctwalrus ctwalrus

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    piece of bread a couple blue berries and an orange peel
  11. 1956 1956

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    Try this, sometimes it works

    Roll a joint, place it in the palm of your hand and make a fist around it. Now hold your hand under the faucet and get the joint wet, Place the joint on a saucer with the end hanging over the lip of the saucer in order have part of the joint elevated off the bottom of the plate. This allows for some air circulation.
    Now put the joint in the microwave and micro in 30 second intervals 4 or 5 times. Then reduced the length of each burst to about 15 seconds and .keep microwaving until the joint is dry. This seems to hydrate the weed in some manner that I can;t explain but a skinny joint will puff up after being wet and then microwaved until it is dry.
    Note you want to reduce the duration of each microwave burst to 15 seconds to avoid setting the joint on fire as it dries out.
  12. Zendet Zendet

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    I think the orange peel is a good idea and one i planned on using myself.

    Also it makes the weed taste like orange;) Tasty
  13. mrsuperstereo mrsuperstereo

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    oh my gosh... please dont take any of their advice seriously. weed that is too wet causes lung problems... THAT'S WHY THEY DRY IT BEFORE SELLING IT TO YOU!!! you think growers just let every batch sit around for a couple weeks because it's fun?

    dealers may tout the "wetness" of their weed as a positive, but often they like to keep it wet cause it weighs more and looks and smells fresher.

    dont re-wet your weed, and anyone that boasts that wetter weed is better is probably some high school kid that just bought his first sack last month.

    better quality weed tends to be smoother, but like what'shisface said, vaporize or just take smaller hits, but DONT REĊ´ET... well, u get my point.
  14. Ygdonmir Ygdonmir

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    I'd suggest a bong with ice stacked inside of it. It works wonders and you get blazed in no time without even coughing. I had taken a pretty nasty lung injury a few years back and I've always hated getting a molten blast. This solved the problem entirely.

    It's simple and all you need is 1) A bong that you can stack ice in, and 2) An ice cube tray :D.

    But as far as slower burning, I'm not entirely sure. But that solves the harsh problem.

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