Male?? Female?? Destroy or wait

Discussion in 'Growing Topics' started by Mjr budds, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Hi people, well hopefully someone can give me some pointers here. I am growing my first crop under lights, so far all has gone real well but i am up to the flowering stage about 9 days in and the best one of my plants is doing dodgy shit it has started to get buds and white hairs all over but it also has small balls growing on it as well. From what i understood male plants wont get white hairs i have looked all over the net trying to indentify if its male or not but really just got an information over load and conflicting reports so anyway if anyone can give me some info on this at all it would be great i just dont want to destroy it prematurely, some of the balls have shot hairs out and some seem to be growing more balls at this stage they are very small just noticed them yesterday
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    You do not want to keep males (the ones with little sack grow next to the nodes) mixed in with your females, unless you plan on getting more seeds. The males will pollinate the females and you will get seeds. The males have a very low THC concentration to them and most growers kill them. The females have a higher concentration are valued in growing. You need to kill all your male or remove them from the same room as your females.

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