Map of Nuclear Explosions all over the world

Discussion in 'Cool Links' started by Monsoon77, Dec 17, 2009.

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  2. Maximus Maximus

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    Yeah that's pretty cool. I see Iran isn't on there, I wonder what would happen if they ever make it on?
  3. FunkySkunky FunkySkunky

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    Add a couple thousand secret tests from the United States alone. Not like you can be very secretive about a damned atom bomb but they tried haha. Nice infographic though. I hope none of that shit ever comes my way. But I guess if I had to go.... instant incineration by a ten thousand degree blast wave might not be the worst way. I like how the USSR had to be all "MOTHALAND!" and explode the biggest one. Sweet.
  4. Monsoon77 Monsoon77

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    Ya the TSAR Bomba is the biggest bomb in the history of the planet. 50-60 megatons! Thats 57000000 tons of TNT!

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  5. Monsoon77 Monsoon77

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    The Tsar Bomba was so big the pilots in the plane that dropped the mother fucker and the plane that filmed everything didnt know if they would survive the blast.

    The mushroom cloud was 40 miles high which is like 7 times that of mt Everest

    This picture will blow your mind about how big that blast was. Bottom left corner shows Hiroshima and Nagasaki


    Here's what the destruction would do to Paris and it's surrounding cities. Yellow circle is the fireball and the red is total destruction. The red circle would be nothing but a crater.

    I did a big report about the russian nuclear weapons program a month ago so i still have all this stuff fresh on my miind and still on my laptop haha
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  6. GrassyAss GrassyAss

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    that is wild. nuclear bombs are crazy. i was a nuclear engineer in the navy and itd be a bad day to meltdown a reactor but a bomb that size it completely insane look how big that crater would be.
  7. LukeEatsAirplane LukeEatsAirplane

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    Damn, Russia looks like it has chicken pox.
  8. SurriSama SurriSama

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    This is mind blowing...such power shouldn't be in such foolish hands..and i mean that generally, no one should have this!

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