Marijuana/Alcohol Interaction

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Intrikate, Nov 1, 2001.

  1. Intrikate Intrikate

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    I was hoping to know if anyone had any theories/opinions/facts on how marijuana and alcohol interact. Does one intensify/decrease the effects, etc. I have heard that alcohol drowns out the more subtle effects of weed but I have also heard that alcohol intensifies the high. I've never drank enough when high to notice a difference but was just wondering if anyone had any speculations. Thanks.
  2. mylobean mylobean

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    I remember in middle school that they told us that smoking and drinking together intensified the effects of each by 3. So smoking a joint and drinking a beer would be 3 joints and 3 beers. I was amazed at that fact at the time, but now I know that it's not true.
  3. Bongzilla Bongzilla

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    The word slipped my mind... I think it starts with an 'S'... Syn...symb...

    Anyways, it basically means that when you mix two drugs, there is a chance that the affect of one or more of the drugs will be amplified. Keep in mind there is no equation (I remember that '1 joint + beer =' thing) and it doesn't happen to everyone.

    I find when I am high and have something to drink I usually just feel drunk and high, but sometimes I feel really numb and out of it.
  4. schwadood schwadood

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    I find that smoking tends to enhance the alcohol. At the very least it adds to my buzz. One point of advice froma person who's been there: DO NOT drink a lot and then smoke. You will puke. It will not be fun. Now your own tolerance, reach the line, but don't cross it.
  5. BoneyDragon BoneyDragon

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    I think this thread probably is getting to be verbotten, but I'll add my two cents.

    It seems every individual can react differently to this drug combo. A lot of people I know will puke if they drink and smoke. I on the other hand have had some amazing experiences from smoking some very good weed and getting really high and then having a few drinks. I have also been really drunk and smoked up, but this isn't as good or as fun (weed is a better drug IMHO). To keep this in terms of health and physiology, I find marijuana decreases nausea and helps me avoid a hangover the next day. It takes that sickening sort of edge off drinking. However, I have no idea how safe it is in terms of neurochemistry, so I don't do it often.

  6. HitTheHammeR HitTheHammeR

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    well . . .
    intrikate, something for u to try :) (that is, if u want to)

    ive never tried this, as i hate alcohol, but i know that weed is alcohol soluble, so . . .
    where am i going with this?

    why not hook up some high proof alcohol, like maybe vodka, and let some weed get saturated inside the bottle, depending on how much u wanna waste trying this

    im pretty sure they call the ones mixed with vodka "green dragons"

    meh . . . just something to try

    (P.S. - note: as im new here, not really sure if this is within conduct, is alcohol ok to be talking about in this context?)
  7. Buggie Owens Buggie Owens

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    If you get really drunk and then smoke some good herb it can make you rather dizzy...and not in good way. Obviously we all know which drug is the prime catalyst for this effect....and it usually ain't green.
  8. BoneyDragon BoneyDragon

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    Actually yeah, Green Dragon is against the rules. I think you can only mention having alcohol if you are drinking in moderation (ie: I had a joint and a beer/glass of wine). This is how Panama explained it to me.

    Also please remember this is a Chemical/Physiological forum, and so alcohol/marijuana interaction should discussed in that context.

  9. HitTheHammeR HitTheHammeR

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    my bad

    thanks for the heads up bro
    . . . ill remember that in the future

  10. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Current information from the medical research world is showing that cannabanoids -- the active chemicals found in cannabis (marijuana) -- will increase the effects of other sedatives, alchohol included.

    This means that a beer and a some bud may not put you over the limit by the alchohol level for driving in your state but the pot will push that alchohol effect up and make you much more intoxicated than you are aware!!! And you won't feel the effects until you are behind the wheel of the car. It just takes a moment to black out, fall asleep or just get distracted and a moment is all it takes to ...shall we say enjoy the worst buzzkill of your life if you are lucky enough to live that long :bawl:

    Mama just wants you safe and healthy...

    ~ here, have a cookie ;)
  11. Bongwater19 Bongwater19

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    dude i'm so wasted

    i have combined weed and alcohol. a lot of both, actually. i drank about 12 units of alcohol and took several huge bong hits where i was coughing on the ground, like 5 or 6. and then the pipes.

    i wound up ralphing, blacked out for like 6 hours and then waking up feeling actually like a million bucks. probably still drunk and stoned. i haven't seen the guy whose house i threw up in since, really.

    your brain likes blood. weed slows down your blood. alcohol is piosonous. so your brain gets slow, poisoned blood. no wonder you vomit.
  12. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    Hope you are feeling better.

    Yup... you vomited from alcohol poisoning. And you are lucky that you passed out after you got that out of your system .

    Folks die when they vomit pass out and breathe what they vomit back into their lungs. It happens more often then you hear about because it just isn't the kind of news that makes the papers...and becasue few families allow the cause of death to be printed in the obituaries when their son daughter or father mother dies this way. It's usually listed as a heart attack -- go check the obituaries after a big party weekend --like Super Bowl or Labor Day or Memorial Day and see how many young people died of heart attacks and you'll see what I mean.
  13. Spuds Spuds

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    my $0.02

    I drink and smoke all the time. I think alcohol and weed make an excellent combo.

    I especially like getting high first, and enjoying it for a couple of hours. Then, after coming down, I like belting down a few beers / drinks, and top it off with a couple of bong hits. I've had my very best highs with this type of combination.

    The 2 drugs work well with each other, each enhancing the other. The only thing I don't like doing is getting really drunk (and I mean sloshed) and then smoking. Usually that just intensifies the drunkenness to the point where things start getting sloppy. And that's no fun :(
  14. Daniel Daniel

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    As with anything, moderation is a good key. You have to know how things work with your own body. From my experience, this is how it works for me...

    If I drink lots, I fall down and get sick.

    If I drink moderatly and not smoke... I'm okay.

    If I drink moderatly and smoke a bunch, I fall down, and get sick..

    So.... What I like to do is Smoke alot, and drink little... Give the keys to my wife...

  15. timmyn02 timmyn02

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    thc is alcohol soluuble

    i have heard and tested this, if u grind up half an ounce od high thc weed and saok it in half a litre of vodka for 24 hour u will make a drink very similar to absinth, its not bad
  16. snake4812 snake4812

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    mixing alcohol and weed FUCKS you up a lot worse than either alone. I consider weed + alcohol to be a completely different drug because it is so different. i suggest really taking it easy on this combo, maybe once a week or less, and never ever drive when mixing the two. For more information check out the old three 6 mafia song Liquor & Dat Bud
  17. Julez Julez

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    I get what we call here in the Bay Area as the spins. Some people like it, but I hate it. It usually involves a lot of alcohol followed by a burn in order to get the spins, but it feels like shit.
  18. MattyB MattyB

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    everyoen really reacts a lifttle differently when mixing drugs. i personaly prefer drinking while i smoke. it makes you happier and more active. I heard taht its supposed to be twice as powerful when you do 2 drugs at the same time. But i really doubt that considering it still takes jsut as much of each for me, and im a pretty skinny guy

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