Marijuana and Memory

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by DoritosMan, Sep 8, 2001.

  1. DoritosMan DoritosMan

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    How bad is weed on short and long term memory? Because I think i'm starting to forget stuff i usually remeber really well like peoples names and phone numbers. Sometimes i cant remember what i did last saturday (besides smoke weed :D). Am i going crazy?or is weed messing up my brain? My grades came down a little this semester and i think is because of the weed, i'm not sure but thats all i can think of!!! I know that if you stop smoking for a while, your memory comes back or is this also a myth? can anyone shed me some light?

  2. schwadood schwadood

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    I don't think weed has much of an effect on long term memory, but it ****s with short term. I think it depends on how much you smoke. I've noticed that it seems to affect me most when I'm high and if I'm burnt out from smoking a lot the day before. Are you high in school a lot? What about feeling burnt out in school? That would be why you're grades slipped, but if you buckle down I'm sure you can bring it up. I can't remeber what I did last saturday either. Oh, wait I was at hookahville:D. But usually I can't remember things like that unless I have some big event. And yes, your memory will come back if you stop.

  3. magicmoe magicmoe

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    When Im stoned I forget everything.
    Like I have a thought and I want to develope it, and i say to myself "dont forget it" "dont forget it" "dont forget" and then bammm its gone
    Its really weird
  4. McBiff McBiff

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    heavy use of pot, fairly long term, can begin to damage your right frontal lobe a little. Your right frontal lobe of the brain has to do mostly with short-term memory and motivation. This is why it *is* true that pot can kinda **** with your short-term memory and your internal motivational skills, but after quitting for about 6 months it usually returns back to normal, if not even just a month or two.
  5. huntcc02 huntcc02

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    if you can remember something while stoned, you will NEVER forget it. My latin tests are all memorization, like vocab and declining and stuff, so I just puff a little before I study, and I have a 98.5 in that class.
  6. Super Woman Super Woman

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    Really? That sounds like such a good idea! I'll have to try it sometime. I have all these thoughts when I stoned, things that I have forgotten, like way back in my chilhood or something. It wierd.. But that makes makes sence, and that would be really cool if it works. Later...
  7. Bear Bear

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    Right. I tried that a few times in college and it was hopeless for me. It often made reading more enjoyable, but any preparation stuff was best left to sobriety. I did however take a few tests stoned, and those went remarkably ok.
    About memory, I just posted this in the recipies forum and thought it might fit here too:
    I find that eating bug destroys my memory of the occation - and you can feel that time coming on too. Not like blacking out or anything, but I just have absolutly no recollection of the events in which I was participating. Like it just left this huge gap in my past. Not even little snippets of memories - just *poof*. I remember being somewhere as vivid as can be and all of a sudden the next thing I can remember is 4 hours later. Very strange.
  8. ADR531 ADR531

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    I have a hard time remembering simple things just like you, only when I'm high though. I get yelled at all the time by my parents for chores and not doing this or that. My mind is elsewhere and I am a lot more creative. It's not damaging your short term memory either I don't think. Once it is out of your system you return to normal, for me atleast.

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