Marijuana Books That Have Changed Your Life

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    No marijuana cultivation, or lifestyle book would be complete without Jack Herer's the Emperor wears no clothes. The Emperor Wears No Clothes is a book written by Jack Herer. Starting in 1973, Jack Herer took the advice of his friend "Captain" Ed Adair and began compiling tidbits of information about cannabis and its numerous uses. After a dozen years of collecting and compiling historical data, Herer first published his work as The Emperor Wears No Clothes in 1985. The eleventh edition was published in November 2000, and the book continues to be cited in cannabis rescheduling and re-legalization efforts.

    Ed Rosenthal (born Bronx, New York, 1944) is a California horticulturist, author, publisher, and Cannabis grower known for his advocacy for the legalization of marijuana (cannabis as a drug) use. He served as a columnist for High Times Magazine during the '80s and '90s. He was arrested by federal authorities in 2002 for cultivation of cannabis, who do not recognize the authority of states to regulate the use of medical marijuana. He was convicted in federal court, but the conviction was overturned on appeal. Rosenthal was subsequently convicted again, but was not re-sentenced, since his original sentence had been completed. Rosenthal briefly attended Youngstown State University in Youngstown, Ohio.


    Mel Frank Scientifically rigorous enough for a professional botanist yet accessible to anyone who wants to grow their own marijuana, this book is illustrated with 164 photos, 64 in color, 29 line drawings, 30 tables, charts, maps.

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    This book: GROWING COLORADO MARIJUANA Organically and Legally - Your Guidebook to Successfully Navigating the "Green Rush" . by BARLOW
    It changed my life, I'm the author and it was a lot of work! Took longer to edit than it did to write, the editing process was very time consuming.
    Its fresh off the presses and selling well locally.
    Check it out on FACEBOOK: Growing Colorado Marijuana. or the website: Thanks for your time.

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