Marijuana Cookies

Discussion in 'Cooking with Marijuana Recipes' started by JustAnothaPHead, May 15, 2007.

  1. JustAnothaPHead JustAnothaPHead

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    Oh my god, these weed cookies I made yesterday had me higher than maybe I've ever been before.

    I made 6 and ate 3 of them. They kicked in an hour later and had me high for about 12 hours. And the high was extremely crazy and got crazier and crazier.

    It was like, an hour after I ate them it felt like I had just smoked 5 blunts by myself.

    Then every hour after that, it felt like I smoked another blunt, and another, and another, so on.

    I was freaking out by the end of the night, I can see why that cop would freak out too. Some points it felt like my arm was flailing up and down even though it was just sitting there. Then my hand would do the same thing. It would feel like my legs were twitching. I couldn't even move at some points, I just felt like one huge log or something. I seriously felt like I had taken some different off topics or something.

    Anyway, I just ate the other 3. :laugh:
  2. Trocisp Trocisp

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    What recipe did you use?
  3. Chawkens Chawkens

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    wow man... thats just awesome... i've been wanting to make brownies or cookies or something... also

    yeh what recipe did you use?? and how much weed ??
  4. JustAnothaPHead JustAnothaPHead

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    I took all the shake from 2 o's.

    Grinded it up to powder.

    Bought Nestle Choc Chip Instant Cookie Dough

    Then I sliced the cookie dough to half dollar size, sprinkled weed on top, then put another half dollar cookie dough on top. Making a "Cookie Dough Weed Oreo".

    I had enough for 6, put them on a baking sheet and baked on 370 for 15 mins.
  5. Chawkens Chawkens

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    sweet... i simply cannot wait to do this

    also ... how much do you think the shake = up to... like for that recipe would i need about ... an 1/8th? or what?
  6. JustAnothaPHead JustAnothaPHead

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    about 8th id say
  7. krad krad

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    I've really wanted to making something with weed in it, because i've never had the chance to orally consume marijuana before. I'll probably try to do it this summer, sounds like you had an awesome time!! :munchies:
  8. Zandijuana Zandijuana

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    awesome. what quality was it? I am *highly* pun intended looking foward to trying this
  9. rasta toker89 rasta toker89

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    I've never ate something with weed baked in to it but this sounds simple.

    This is going to be fun!!
  10. JustAnothaPHead JustAnothaPHead

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    some really great mids.

    i only ate 2 this time, i didnt wanna get as messed up as yesterday. I seriously felt like some sort of inanimate object.
  11. brookie43 brookie43

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    sorry thats a horrible way to make brownies. you will get way higher if you make cannabutter out of the shake or weed. eating just straight busted weed in your brownies is not a good way at all. thc is fat soluble so you extract it in butter in the following recipe:

    you take like a half pound of busted weed or shake.
    you bust it all up in a cofee grinder.
    then you melt 1 pound brick on butter in a big pot.
    once its melted you fill 2 /3 of the pot full of water.
    now youll have a big pot full of buttery water.
    now you add the busted weed or shake.
    you want to keep a constant low simmer for 4-8 hours depending on dedication.
    what ever you do you dont want it to burn.
    you want to constantly stir it.
    you can add more water any time you want the pot to be up to the brim with this water butter weed mixture.
    once thats done you strain it through cheese cloth the whole mixture.
    now you will have a big pot full of greenish yellow water with no weed particulate in it.
    you want to put this in freezeable tupperware containers or plastic cup sort of things.
    once frozen the water and butter will separate.
    you simply just break off the water and through that away and keep the butter.
    it will be greenish yellow butter the ultimate gold.

    Once you make the Cannabutter you can substitute it in any recipe or thing that calls for butter.

    Beware this stuff zombifies you
  12. JustAnothaPHead JustAnothaPHead

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    maybe people(like me) don't wanna go through all that.

    my recipe takes about 20 minutes until you start eating them, it BELIEVE ME, it fucks you up as much as you can ever wanna be fucked up.

    And it wasn't even brownies, it was cookies. So what are you talking about?
  13. brookie43 brookie43

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    Well okay suit yourself. Anyone who is a real connaisseur doesnt just eat straight weed. Anyone who is truely knowledgeable about marijuana does is the way before mentioned. The way you did it is a complete waste and doesnt get you nearly as stoned. You are a lightweight whether you choose to admit it or not. Try making cannabutter and you will probably pass out instantly eating it.
    Note: you ate half of the entire brownie tray. Half of the entire brownie tray from the cannabutter method and you will be in outer space for a couple days straight. you just essentially ate an ounce of shake masked by chocolate and sugar. Seriously folks the way justanotherPhead did it is not the way to go.

    1/ 12 of the brownie tray from cannabutter will knock you on your ass. Research the internet if you dont believe me.
  14. Zandijuana Zandijuana

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    Chill out guy.
    It wasn't straight weed, it's not like he picked it out of the bag with his hand and shoved it into his mouth.
    One of the truly most ignorant things I have read on the internet. I get it, if they don't make brownies YOUR way, they arn't truly knowledgeable. [/quote]
    Who are you to say that ... it obviously worked for him.
    Dude, you don't even KNOW this guy. Stop making assumptions about what he's like when you really have no idea.

    Do it how you want, imo.
  15. JustAnothaPHead JustAnothaPHead

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    You cooked weed your way, I cooked weed my way. I didn't eat "straight weed". I didn't even hardly taste the weed when I ate the 3 straight outta the oven.

    And I'm not a lightweight, I've been smoking for like 4 years now, daily for about a year.

    And what are you talking about I "ate an ounce of shake". As I said it was probably an 1/8 OF AN OUNCE. How was it a "complete waste"?

    People can do it your way if they have six hours and/or want brownies, or they can do it my way if they only wanna take 20 mins and want cookies.

    I was fucked up as shit. It was a time where I even turned down smoking a blunt with friends(that never happens), because I didn't wanna get any higher. But I did, I got higher and higher. It was to a point where I went in my room because my mom was coming home from work and I didn't want her to see me that way. I seriously just laid on my bed and felt like a log, I couldn't move. And as I said, at times my arm and hands would feel like they were flailing all around and I couldn't get them to stop, even though they weren't even moving.
  16. tekkenlaw tekkenlaw

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    Yea, he put the weed inbetween the cookies before baking them so it would have absorbed into the dough just fine. Really only an eighth? 3.5g's? Actually that is over a half gram a cookie, you made six right? That would get you extremley high if you ate 3. Just a half gram on a firecracker gets me decently high.
  17. JustAnothaPHead JustAnothaPHead

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    It was probably about 5 or 6 grams. I'd say a pinner blunt's worth of bud on each cookie.
  18. Jdezle21 Jdezle21

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    of course if you use a half pound of shake. :rolleyes:

    Phead said an eighth, 1/12 of 8 ounces if wayy more than an eighth.
  19. brookie43 brookie43

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    Clearly this is obviously considering were talking about brownies wow.

    no its not my way, its the way of any buddy who has learned a thing or 2 from experience. Ive put straight weed and shake in to the batter and cooked it. this is not a good way. It is a lazy excuse for weed brownies. Ive made cannabutter also. Cannabutter is far more potent and you just substitute cannabutter for butter in any common recipe.

    So instead of making brownies with butter, all the common ingredients and just adding weed. you just make the regular recipe and add cannabutter in place for butter or margarine.

    My original post's were not pointless hating, i was simply pointing out a much better recipe from personally experiencing both many times.

    And yes that half pound recipe with shake can make like 6 batches of brownies. I also get garbage bags full of shake for very cheap so its wonderful.
  20. Meursault Meursault

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    i'm not sure if you read the post, but he is not making brownies. he clearly said he made cookies and mixed the weed into the dough.

    no one is mad at you because you gave advice, it's how you're giving it. the elitist attitude gets you nowhere when it comes to this topic. this is simply about getting high, and he got extremely high off that recipe, so i think it's a good one if it worked that well. to each's own, yes?

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