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    about 3 years ago i didnt smoke weed, and would get the hives occasionally. then, about a year and a half ago, i started smoking. alot. I never really thought of it but my hives disappeared and i never had an out break in that whole year n a half. Sadly,i was put on a drug testing probation at my school, and couldnt smoke for about 6 months. (i was recently kicked out of tat school and am accessible to start ingesting herb again). from the start of that probation period, I am getting hives pretty much everyday. One time i got them so bad i had to be brought to an urgent care and given 3 shots because my entire body was swollen, and my eyes nearly shut from it. I have now just come to the realization that weed blocks my hives from even starting, and that i cant wait to start smoking again. Anyway, i just wanted to share this story with yall to see if any of you relate to this scenario, or just wanna read and comment on it. Happy Smoking :woohoo:
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    Holy crap........I just realized I don't get hives from my allergies when I smoke either......
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    yeah man thats what im sayin.... amazingness

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