Marijuana & The Munchies

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by TheDude0306, Feb 20, 2001.

  1. TheDude0306 TheDude0306

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    Hey guyz and galz, quick questions for you.

    Is there anyway to avoid the extreme munchies from smoking?

    I usually smoke on a empty stomach, and usually drink heavily when I smoke.

    Now when I plan to go out drinking or stay home and drink, I always plan ahead and eat very lite. I usually have my last meal around 4pm which will be lite, maybe a can of chicken noodle soup.

    Most of the time when I get done drinking I can stil go to sleep and control my hunger. I then eat the next day when I wake.

    Now when I smoke weed and drink, I usually have a attack of the munchies.

    It's so severe sometimes that I cant beleive how much food I can actually eat!

    I dont want to pig out on top of the 12 to 15 beers I already drank. That is the perfect recipe for getting BIG AND FAT AND FAST.

    Is there anything I can do to control the munchies? It only happens when I smoke a lot of weed.

    Any tips?
  2. like2gethighz like2gethighz

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    instead of those beers.. trade em off with a nice big glass of cold water.. and just drink that tell yourself you aren't hungary and that should help u out..
  3. HillBilly HillBilly

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    eat em up


    I agree with like2gethighz. alcohol alone can bring on the munchies. Marijuana can make the cravings worse.. and vice/versa.

    Ever hear about not going to the grocery store on an empty stomach? Chances are you'll buy more than you need just cause you're hungry. Well, the same rule applies, try eating a larger meal before smoking. Or you can wait till the munchies come on, and then eat a good meal. Nutrition is way more important than a buzz.

  4. TheDude0306 TheDude0306

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    Thanx guyz lots more!

    Thanks for the info guys.

    I smoked some NEW killer chunky bud last night, (I was out of weed for almost 3 weeks and that in itself *ucked) and drank about 8 beers.

    I now find within the last 6 months that I no-longer like to drink UNLESS I have some BUD to go with the beers.

    Is that crazy or what? If I am out of weed, I dont even bother drinking for a buzz, instead I just say screw it and dont even get buzzed.

    Am I mentally addicted to weed?! I do love it, I have only been smoking on a regular basis for about 6 months, but man I love it!

    You ever play games on your computer against other players on the net while ((( (( ( S T O N E D ) )) ))) ?

    I am talking games like Half Life deathmatch and Quake III, you see so many things you never even noticed in the game before, and I crank the audio with surround sound speakers its almost as if YOUR IN THE GAME ITSELF.

    I love it, everthing not only looks better but sounds so much more clear. I can actually hunt someone down in a game of half-life by listening to there footsteps alone.

    It's so freaky, yet so COOL... I just wish I didnt get so paranoid on and off. The on-set of the weed causes me to have some anxiety attacks and a heart beat that feels like its going to explode.

    After smoking some of the new stuff I had to get some beer, the ride to the liquor store is CLOSE about a 4 minute ride, down a dark little road over a bridge and your there.

    On my way there the road seemed like it was NEVER GOING TO END. It seemed like I was doing 2 miles and hour even though I was doing like 30.

    Then my foot felt so heavy and warm, like it was falling asleep, and I when I pressed down on the break or gas, I could barely feel my foot. I imagined that my foot had like 4 pairs of socks on, then was wrapped in a bed sheet, then stuffed into my boot, just weird ass stuff that you normally dont think about.

    Hey I also noticed that when I am stoned I am happy with about 6 to 7 beers, but when not stoned, I drink atleast 12.

    Welp thats all for now... I think I will smoke a bowl later, I can resist I dont have to work tommrow!
  5. manny manny

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    I eat during the day, and get stoned at night or early in the morning way before I'll be eating anything. This has worked for the past 4 months.
  6. 420ciscosys 420ciscosys

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    Do what I do. Keep some healthy crap around to eat while you are smoking. I usualy keep fruit, vegtables, dip, etc. around. I would also cut down on the beers that **** will f*** with your liver in the long run.
  7. bigB bigB

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    "I am talking games like Half Life deathmatch and Quake III, you see so many things you never even noticed in the game before, and I crank the audio with surround sound speakers its almost as if YOUR IN THE GAME ITSELF. "

    heh, first time i got high i played some q3. what's fun is to change your fov (/cg_fov) to 200 and put your face really close to the monitor. you'll think you're a plane <) :D
  8. CountessBathory CountessBathory

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    "You ever play games on your computer against other players on the net while ((( (( ( S T O N E D ) )) ))) ? "

    --> Man, you sound just like the Jon Stewart "enhancement smoker" from Half Baked!!!!

    A good way to avoid getting the munchies too badly is to chew gum when you feel a craving coming on. I don't much care for gum otherwise, but my clothes fit better when I chew on a big piece of ultra-sweet Bubblicious gum than chow down a whole container of vanilla icing. The gum usually satisfies my craving for something sweet and keeps the munchies at bay.
  9. GhostPimp GhostPimp

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    i dont eat food cuz it kills my high

    so if im ready to come down i eat sum schit

    but if i wanna stay buzzed i suffer with munchies

    something light to eat is okay...but eating until you're stuffed is a buzzkill

    sometimes after smokin so much and i havent ate in a while i eat so much food that im too full to sleep so i have to smoke another doob to get my blood flowing
  10. Slightly Stoopid Slightly Stoopid

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    What this world needs is a strain that dosn't give you a bad case of munchies. Is there a strain like that around? Cause these daily munchies are really putting a hurt on my weight!
  11. mirage mirage

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    just buy some really good snacks and ENJOY


    you eat those nasty rice cakes you know those lame arse things people eat while on a diet cause they tatse o so good
  12. HillBilly HillBilly

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    fruity bruit

    Howdy again!

    I like the idea of fruits and veggies. Roughage (fiber), vitamins, minerals, low calories, and no cholesterol!!

    A big ol' piece of fruit will help with cottonmouth, also.

    Lotsa fluids helps, as well. If you got a belly full of water, or other liquid.. (not alcohol) the appetite usually subsides.

  13. Untitled Untitled

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    ok, so someone told me that the reason why we get the munchies when we smoke is the cause of our calories burning that true? Does marijuana help burn calories, that cause us to get the munchies?

    sorry if it's a dumb question, but any input would help


    edit: reason why i ask is, i go exercise almost every day, and since i started smoke, and keep up with the exercising, i've tend to been getting in shape a lot faster. when i get the munchies i usually eat sushi, and drink iced tea, sometimes, like every two weeks i eat a **** load of chocolate, but, still, the day after i smoke a lot more then that night before, and the chocolate just seems to have been nothing.......i dont know, i mean i exercise the same amount each day.....
  14. Mamabudz Mamabudz

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    THC, a main cannabinoid (chemical compound found only in cannabis which is the real name of the marijuana plant) is an appetite stimulant.

    It stimulates the part of the brain that registers hunger, nad signals the body with a drop in blood sugar level.

    Sushi and Ice tea.. Mama's favorite meal... Invite me along next time

    Til then... have a cookie ;)


    Mama Budz
  15. everlast everlast

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    Any medical explanations of what causes munchies??
  16. Herb Ninja Herb Ninja

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  17. CheebaMonkey CheebaMonkey

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    Thread Closed

    Follow the link provided by Herb Ninja.
  18. simibaby simibaby

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    Appetite ("munchies") Question, Please

    Do the infamous "munchies" occur even if you have NOT smoked that day? In other words, if I for example, smoked on Mon, Tues, Wed but did not smoke for a few days after, is the appetite still affected? I'm seriopus and dealing w/ a weight issue
  19. sleestak sleestak

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    you won't get the munchies unless its after you've smoked. However, if you are dry you may want to eat more food if you are in the habit of smoking though.
  20. thechronic thechronic

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    munchies is definately a pot thing, it's an undeniable urge to eat. people with weight issues (myself included) tend to snack or "graze" when bored. If you are a habitual smoking and suddenly find yourself without for an extended period of time, sometimes, you will get a bored/restless feeling that is stressful at varying levels to different people. This stress causes you to look for some way of satiation, leading you to snack. At least that is my theory and I'm sticking to it.

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