Mold... Can I smoke it?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by blondie0420, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. blondie0420 blondie0420

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    Some of my weed has mold on it. It's like a 3.5 gram bud that I just realized today has some stuff growing on it.

    I'm wicked pissed. Can I still smoke it? Is there anything I can do?

    This totally sucks, I've never had mold grow on my weed before. I searched for a thread already covering this, but I mostly just found people asking if they had mold on their bud or not - I already know I've got moldy bud, I just want to know what I can do about it.
  2. peace n love peace n love

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    i've smoked moldy weed before, doesn't get you as high, but it gives you a little something.
  3. LeahLo LeahLo

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    That's something I've never seen I dunno. I'd probably still smoke it. I found a corn kernel in some compacted weed yesterday.
  4. mars mars

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    you sure it wasn't a seed? :laugh: why would someone put a corn kernel in there

    I would probably smoke it, but in something like a bong so it's not as harsh is it would be (im assuming moldy weed is harsh)
  5. Bowlblaze Bowlblaze

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    Yikes! I wouldn't smoke that. What if your bud was smuggled inside someone's ass and the corn has already been eaten once? Just kidding, but how on earth did a corn kernel get in your weed?
  6. blondie0420 blondie0420

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    This is hard, but I think I'm going to have to cut my losses and just throw it away.

    I did a google search looking for information on smoking moldy weed and it seems that the general consensus was that it could cause lung problems and even make me sick.

    And now that I think about it, I've been coughing and feeling really sick ever since getting this bag not too long ago.

    It's pretty disappointing, but I think I'd rather have a set of healthy lungs than few hour high. I might even take a break from smoking for a few days to let myself start feeling better before I get another bag.

    I'm pretty bummed, but I guess this all comes with the territory of dealing with an illegal, unregulated substance. :(
  7. imported_The_Weed_Man imported_The_Weed_Man

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    yeah seriouly dude how do you get a corn kernel in your weed? it was probally a seed.

    and to the thread starter, man smoke that weed what is the worst that could happen, apart from dieing by inhaling some sort of toxic mold?
  8. mars mars

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    you can always make hash oil with it :shrug:
  9. Souke Souke

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    yeah.. I wouldnt eat random fungi so I definately wouldnt smoke it.
    Mold and fungi are definately among the most confusing to tell if its safe, so why risk it?
    I think alot of safe molds have a similar one that could kill you too.
    My last house had mold in the walls and stuff and that made my pets very sick. :(
  10. tekkenlaw tekkenlaw

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    Give it to a friend that doesn't care, make sure you tell them it's moldy though.
  11. Shutterdragon Shutterdragon

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    Why?Is just a few grams worth getting sick over? And i mean ughh..just the thought of smokeing moldy weed, are you fiending that bad , gotta ask yerself...even then dont do it imo lol.
  12. Zandijuana Zandijuana

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    You guys smoke some nasty shit.
  13. kbwiv kbwiv

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    oh man, please dont smoke it. :trippy: that's gross. just pick off the mold and smoke up. i dont know if that's any better but it seems better to me. i do that same thing with bread! well i dont smoke the bread, i pick off.....ok you get the point;) .

    well either way i dont know if it's safe, but it seems less nasty to me.:D
  14. negaDuck negaDuck

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    due to tha mycelium, or root system, of most molds and fungi, tha whole product is usually tainted by tha time you see even one spot of mold. This means that you'd still be smoking/eating mold. Throw it's weed, not gold. It's never a good idea to ingest something you can't identify
  15. LeahLo LeahLo

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    There's a perfectly logical explanation actually. Weed that's grown in the United States has to be well hidden (obviously) so a lot of growers plant a good sized patch in the middle of a field of some other cash crop, like corn. It would be pretty easy for a corn kernel to get harvested in some bud...
  16. NoNoNanette NoNoNanette

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    Dude, seriously. Take a deep breath and think about what you're asking and ask yourself this....why are you even asking in the first place? When in doubt, throw it out. Jeebus. You don't mess with mold. Didn't you read all those reports a while ago about all the super dangerous stuff that killed all those infants in their sleep? No no fucking with mold.
  17. fuzzylogic420 fuzzylogic420

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    Mold Harmful?

    Hey, I was drying out some moist leaves and stems from my harvest in a paper bag to make honey oil out of. I would ocasionally smoke a leaf bowl to test the potency of it. 2 days ago when i smoked it i notices brown patches developing on the leaves and thought little of it. I did not check on it yesterday but today when i opened the paper bag it had a horrible acrid smell and had white fluffy cloud like mold all over the leaves which had stuck together and turned mostly brown. I threw out all of them and am just worried if i can get sick from smoking them 2 days ago when i did not see a sign of visible mold.
  18. JnEverett JnEverett

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  19. rcgray rcgray

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    freeze it

    Hey, next time put your weed in the freezer. This will pretty much stop mold from forming. Unless you live with rents, then maybe you could just put it in a bag of freezer pops to hide it or something.
  20. fuzzylogic420 fuzzylogic420

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    Thanks for the quick reply guys, and the freezer idea sounds good. I was waiting on the Honey Bee Extractor i ordered from and it seems like they just rotted.

    I've heard that freezeing the buds helps the Trichomes fall off and would make it better for use in a Butane Oil Extractor.

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