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Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by memphis raines, Apr 1, 2004.

  1. memphis raines memphis raines

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    i havent smoked since i got arrested which was about 3 weeks ago, and my friend just bought a new bong...we are gonna get hella blazed and we want some good movies to watch stoned, stray from the obvious i.e halfbaked, how high, ect.


    fear and loathing in las vegas
    this is spinal tap
    being john malkovich

    haha ive read and heard NEVER watch eraser head stoned...but im curious
  2. whiplash whiplash

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    apocalypse now for SURE!! i love that movie stoned
  3. Bong_hit05 Bong_hit05

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    pink floyd's "the wall" undoubtedly the BEST stoner movie ever. If it helps- the band was on LSD during the recording
  4. imported_highonfire420 imported_highonfire420

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    Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
    Hurley Burley
    Requiem for a Dream
    A Shot in the Face
    The Big Lebowski
    Any Monty Python
    Apocalypse Now

    .....and the goofy cheese comedies (ie: Dude where's my Car, American Pie and so on)
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  5. anonymity anonymity

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    I can't even handle movies when I'm stoned. It's just too much **** going on and the jokes usually are based on stuff that has already happened in the movie. I just watch TV instead or dvds of good shows. I bet this doesn't happen to most people, just me. Movie not to watch while stoned: Se7en. It scared the **** out of me with that "sloth" part. It was a kickass movie, but still too frightening to be good while stoned. I kept waking up after seeing it the other night and telling my friend, "End the investigation, alright? I want to go to sleep, and I don't need to think about anything else!" I guess if you want to watch a movie then see one of the cheesie ones that he just said, or something with a stoner theme like Cheech and Chong or Half-Baked.
  6. dopenose dopenose

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    up in smoke is my favorite movie when I'm high.
  7. gonjagonja gonjagonja

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    dude, u know the best movie ever to watch....

    The best movie to watch when you are blown out is for surely either cheech and chong or half baked.
  8. Snowslide Snowslide

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    Ok, proven:
    Super Troopers
    Detroit Rock City
    Family Guy -- tv
    Trailer Park Boys -- tv
  9. mikez mikez

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    erendira, definitely. my friend jim and i saw it in a theater back when it was new... we were both stoned, watched the whole thing, lights came up at the end, we looked at each other, stunned, blurted out "that was the best movie EVER!!!" and busted out laughing as we scrambled out of the theater. definitely, the scene where the bad mother eats the poison cake and doesn't die, just sits up all night mumbling nightmarish gibberish, and pulls out her hair in the a.m. (the poison doesn't kill her unfortunately). the movie is based on a novella by gabriel garcia marquez.

    repo man obviously

    city of lost children you know it

    brazil i saw it straight and thought it was too weird. i saw it stoned and thought it was hella good.

    pathfinder oh man... so beautiful. i saw it in the theater.

    outbreak dumb movie about worse-than-ebola outbreak threatening to wipe out amerika... with dustin hoffman as action hero! (bizarre). it's dumb but i saw it stoned and thought it rocked.

    something wild guess it's good any way...

    the list could go on...
  10. eyesbleed eyesbleed

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    Frank Zappa's 200 Motels
  11. MickityMike MickityMike

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    Super Troopers

    The Matrix

    Or, find a good suspenseful horror movie - guaranteed to **** your pants. :D
  12. SirToker SirToker

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    MORTAL KOMBAT :D It's so awesome when you're high....the fight scenes are just amazing, scorpian kicks so much ass in that. The action just becomes insanely good!
  13. theDeBaucher(Y) theDeBaucher(Y)

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    i just watched blue crush, my god michelle rodriguez is a goddess!.
    super troopers
    old school
    the doors
    american me
    and stand up comedy, i love blue colar comedy, richard pryer, and robin williams, stand up is the best
  14. imported_c420 imported_c420

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    ANY KEVIN SMITH MOVIE!!! (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Dogma, Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back) I love those movies

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    Anyone ever seen a movie called "Rocketman"

    Its one of my fave movies to watch whilst stoned. It has the guy from halfbaked in it. The one that gets locked up, called a fish, and protected by squirell master (aka chong).

    You have to give it a chance though, it gets better and better. Its about this dude that is a computer nerd and ends up having to test for a mission to mars because the other dude gets hurt. Anyway its hallarious how he ****ks stuff up in Nasa whilst training and then actually goes to Mars with a real crew. He gets into everything, messes ****t up and pisses people off alot.

    One scene where this proud astronaut leader is stepping down the ladder to be the first person on Mars and the dude is above him falls down the ladder and onto Mars first before the captain does. First words on Mars "Wasnt me."

    Another cool scene is where him and the leader have to link suits to share air because the leader dude has a malfunction in his tank. So there walking and crazy dude farts, the captain stops, realises whats happening, turns around and see's this big bulge comming up the air line. He tries to squezze the line shut but it pushes past his hands and into his suit where he chokes it up hehe.

    The crazy dudes like "wasnt me". Anyway he keeps blowing it up in his suit.

    check it out its a real laugh.
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    btw its not the same movie about the dude with a jetpack....
  17. theDeBaucher(Y) theDeBaucher(Y)

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    ahahah i was going to ask if its about the jet pack.

    one i havent see on this board yet,
    dazed n confused of course.
  18. Wanky McJerkoff Wanky McJerkoff

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    super troopers
    reservoir dogs
    evil dead 2
    any cheech and chong flick (particularly up in smoke and nice dreams)
  19. lazitroll lazitroll

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    Watching good funny comedies is the best when high. I love to be toked out and just laughin' my a$$ much fun.

    A decent show to watch high is Friends. I got the Season 6 DVD set for my roommate and while high it's a great time.
  20. Mr.SockPuppets Mr.SockPuppets

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    I was watching that movie while taking rips from my bong, when it came to the "sloth" part it tripped me out. I kept thinking about how I'm such a lazy bastard and that the dude was gonna get me next, then I was thinking how f*cked up it would be to be punished like that (don't want to spoil it) then I eventually scared the sh!t out of myself so much that I put away the bong, turned off the tv, then did my homework.

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