Napoleon Dynamite

Discussion in 'Movies & Television' started by kriptonchronic, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. kriptonchronic kriptonchronic

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    EXCELLENT movie!!

    i saw it a week or two ago at some independant theater near me. AND I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF!!!!!!! Not even stoned do you have to be to enjoy the comedy and humor of this film. I think it opens nationwide tommorow and I am posting this to let you all know that you should watch it. Don't be turned off by it's PG rating. It's not a movie that tries to have a PG rating. It just is that way. If that makes sense?

    Anyway, if anyone else has seen it feel free to comment.

    ND Website
  2. Irie Irie

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    being a fan of silly humor (kung-pow) .. I think I might have to check it out.
  3. GrassyAss GrassyAss

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    Yeah, I saw previews for this. "Do you have a liger? It's a lion male that mated with a female tiger." "No, but we have a ligon."
  4. Irie Irie

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    Ok I saw it last night, laughed very hard !
  5. GrassyAss GrassyAss

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    It's not playing anywhere around here. I was hoping to see it last night but I saw Catwoman instead, waste of $16 man.
  6. Taiyed Taiyed

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    I been planning on seeing this one for a while but it hasn't come to a theatre in town :(
  7. Will88 Will88

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    man it looked good but then the recent previews make it look terrible som im not sure if im seeing it.
  8. herb abuser herb abuser

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    i haven't seen it yet either, but it looks really funny, espically his awsome bike jump
  9. reefermadness1 reefermadness1

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    Holy ****, I just saw this movie yesterday. The funniest movie I've seen in a long time, funnier than Anchorman. I was laughing through the whole thing and I wasn't even high. Go see this movie now...
  10. ManMulcahey ManMulcahey

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    doesnt really have a plot, but its hilarious.
  11. Yelir Yelir

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    This movie rocks, at first I was wondering what I was watching exactly. But once I got into it and didn't care about the whole no plot deal. It roxored my soxors. :thumbsup:

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