NC: Experts suggest cannabis DUI limit similar to alcohol

Discussion in 'The Drug War Headline News' started by Hashishi, Oct 16, 2007.

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    "Experts suggest cannabis DUI limit similar to alcohol
    "Zero-limit" Laws Snagging Unimpaired Drivers
    10-16-`07 | BBS News

    An international working group of 11 experts from six countries suggests a limit of 7-10 ng/mL THC in blood serum for driving under the influence of cannabis. This would compare to a blood alcohol concentration of about 0.05 per cent.

    The group states that zero-limit laws, which are in effect in several countries and in several states of the USA, are not science-based and classify many non-impaired drivers as being under the influence of cannabis.
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    Hmmm. Isn't a DUI .08 percent? I'm sure there is a legitimate issue here, like teens driving stoned, but I'm not sure if this is the solution. Sounds like a new revenue source to me, there's already similar laws, like "impaired driving" etc.
  3. Jake Jake

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    Anything like this is much better than being charged with a DUI when you haven't smoked in a week...
  4. steakii steakii

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    In my state if you fail a piss test, it is considered drug driving. In georgia have it is illegal to have metabolites in your system while operating a motor vehicle. Sucks real bad. A guy who who talked at my high school was in an accident where the other driver died. He failed a urine test after smoking a week before the accident and he went to jail for 5 years. I nearly shit i pants when i he was speaking. It was such a sad story.
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    Hey, any of that beats SD's current laws. Its a CRIME to be HIGH here! Yes, you can be arrested for being high, or "under the influience of an intoxicant other than alcohol" if you want to get to the specific wording. You can also be charged with POSSESSION for failing a urine test, along wioth DUI if you happened to be driving. How often this is enforced IU don't know, but I do know the wording of the State Constitution was changed in order to make the internal possession laws legal. I know its not UNIVERSEly enforced, because when I got my DUI and possession charges, I never submitted to a urine screen.....of course, they had me on two Class 1 misdeamenors already at that point, so they probably didn't see much point in adding yet another charge that would likely be dropped as part of a plea anyway
  6. Buzzby Buzzby

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    The blood alcohol content for DUI is determined on a state-by-state basis.

    It is much easier to obtain a conviction if there is some physical evidence that a crime has been committed. Impairment tests are fairly easy to challenge in court. Blood test evidence is not. That's why they want to be able to quantify it.

    Similar to alcohol, though, the results of a blood test don't correlate closely with a level of impairment. An alcoholic with a .08 blood alcohol content might be completely sober. If I had a .08 blood alcohol content, I'd be unconscious. Someone who smokes an eighth a day might be completely sober with a serum THC level of 7-10 ng/mL THC. Someone like me, who vapes a third of a gram of mids a day, would be stoned on his ass.

    Determining impairment based on blood tests doesn't work very well when the substance is tolerance-producing, like alcohol or THC. The level qualifying for a DUI has to be based on the expectations for a person with no tolerance. Still, it beats the hell out of getting a DUI for a joint you smoked last week. Measuring THC rather than THC metabolites is definitely a step in the right direction.
  7. ssj3gotenks ssj3gotenks

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    You know that .08 is about the equivalent for anybody of 1 and a half beers, right?

    I srsly doubt you would be unconscious.

    But on another note, what they SHOULD rather do is do the mouthswabs. I for one am never worried about becoming a heroin addict because i am as scared as a bitch when it comes to needles.

    the oral saliva test can be passed even if you have less than 24 hours without tokin up.
  8. ITG ITG

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    Because I love to be pedantic-

    According to the gov't, 3 servings of alcohol (12 oz. beers, 1.5 oz shots, etc.) in an hour will put a 175 pound man just over .08% BAC (assuming you're not drinking especially weak or strong alcohol of a particular variety- there's obviously going to be a difference between drinking 3 Keystone Lights [ugh] which have an ABV of 4.1% , drinking your average 6% ABV beer, and drinking some 12% ABV microbrew. And, while I do admit I think Buzzby might have introduced a bit of hyperbole there, I wouldn't be terribly surprised if he didn't. I have a few friends who are definite lightweights when it comes to alcohol, and one friend of mine will be falling down drunk after two beers. Another I think WOULD be unconcious after three, because he has hypoglycemia. He's never actually had more than two beers in any night I've seen him, but he still definitely gets drunk, and those are two beers throughout the entire night.

    And this does sound a damned sight more fair than getting a DUI for failing your average piss test. But, I admit, there are a few things I'm wary about. How do they determine if they're going to screen you? I mean, obviously if you were charged with possession while driving, you'd be screened, but a lot of people are high in different ways, and it's not obvious to tell. Other people sometimes just seem it- I have a friend who we would always call a stoner in high school even though he didn't smoke then just because he always acted like one. What about cost? I would hope that its cost would be included as part of the fine, but what if it comes back negative? Would they factor those into the fines for others, or would the difference come out of taxes?

    And might it not actually in a twisted way encourage (perhaps slightly) drunk driving? A test like this is obviously more intensive and time consuming than a breathalyzer- what's to stop would be high drivers from drinking a beer before they get in the car so they'll blow a positive BAC below .08, and blame any mistakes they may make on that, seeking to circumnavigate the THC screening altogether? I know one beer doesn't seem like a lot to some people, but like I said before- for some people that can be seriously impairing, moreso than a joint would be for them. I know a lot of people are responsible about drinking and driving, but I also know a lot of people are idiots who think they can handle it. One beer can definitely noticeably impair some people's motor skills, but will they think about that when they think "It's only one beer..."?

    It seems like a step in the right direction, but I know that if it were going to be considered where I live, I'd want more information about it... especially since NH doesn't have a law regarding internal possession of marijuana at all right now (curiously enough, though, it DOES have an internal possession law of alcohol for minors).
  9. ssj3gotenks ssj3gotenks

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    so wait, exactly how would they do this?

    Do they just get you out of the car and plug a syringe into your arm?? Or do they bring you to the station or hospital and do it there?
  10. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    If its anything like a bloodtest for DUI, you are either taken to the station/jail where there is either a technician trained in drawing blood present or on-call, or you are taken to the hospital. With the two bloodtests I've had to take for DUI, I've been through both scenarios. They DO NOT just allow an officer to jab a needle in your arm. The test must be done by a trained technician. Incidently, even though I was in possession of marijuana when I got my second DUI, I was never tested for THC, by either urine screen or bnlood test.

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