Never smoked before .....trying it for medical reasons

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Telecaster, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Can someone of knowledge help me out..?I have had unexplained pain in my upper body for years,I am a male 56 years old.I have tried every pharmacuitical there is with no results.I get up with this and go to bed with it.When I drink acohol it is still there.I have seen numerous professionals and they say its anxiety and stress.My latest request to my doctor is to try TCH medications and he says he can only perscribe these to cancer patients.I live in Canada ...go figure.......
    I need to know if there is a gentle approach for me to get MArijuana into my system.....what is the best I can take much the first time should i take.......I am sure everyone here is pretty much used to doing Marijuana but please be gentle with me ...LOL.......I hear about freaking out doing Marijuana and I dont want to have a bad experience with it.
    I have a sleep apnea machine which has a vaporizer built into it and a mask that goes over my nose.... and I was wondering if that would work.....
    I cannot at all smoke it as I have Bronchitis also.......
    Please advice if anyone can,I need to take this slow......and know im doing it right...
    Thank you

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