New Mexico Juvenile Probation Officer Busted With 9 + Pounds Of Pot

Discussion in 'The Drug War Headline News' started by ScrogBetty, Sep 27, 2012.

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    So, here we have a sworn officer of the state of New Mexico, who was supposed to protect and help troubled youth, correct the course of their lives and give them newfound direction.

    So this probation officer either believes that marijuana can be beneficial to the hyperactive mind of a troubled youth, or is just a greedy hypocrite, who's trying to make a little side cash, by selling something which he believes to be harmful, to the very kids he's supposed to be protecting.

    Again - if marijuana were not a prohibitive substance, there'd be no inflated value, and drug cartels and douche bags like this would have to return to another form of vicious capitalism.

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