New To Weed, Trying to find a dealer

Discussion in 'Places and People' started by SoFreshSoHigh, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. SoFreshSoHigh SoFreshSoHigh

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    im 17 and i just got into weed:Dbut i cant find a dealer....there is a dealer near me but its 20 a gram. (1.0) i think that is alot cuz my friend in the bronx said its only $25 for 1/4 a oz:eek:. soo im guessing :confused:by me its expensive:mad: and i need a dealer.. How can i find one??and how do i know the weed is good?

    also i wanna try to grow weed but dont know how and where?? anyideas:hail:
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  3. LiveHigh LiveHigh

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    If you're 17 you should be still in highschool, not sure though. But usually around the smoking area's there probably people that sell.

    It's generally around $10 / gram. $25 for a Q seems quite under rated, most people can get a Q for around $60, I know someone who sells me mid/high grade for $45 for a Q.

    There's a thread on this forum which outlines how to determine the general quality of the weed. Try to buy weed which on the stem rather than fluff.
  5. Stigma420247 Stigma420247

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    well since yer new ill let u in on a little secret :)

    the internet is NOT a good place to look for a dealer ... good luck though :bong2: :bong2:
  6. Jobes Jobes

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    20 is gram is fairly normal around here for dank bud and i can get quarters of mids for 25 or less usually. the only people that sell at school are usually dumb-asses you shouldn't want to be involved with anyway and i strongly advise against buying pot at school. I would just try to find some friends who have already been smoking and have dealers and see if they can help you out.
  7. SouthernRebelBoy SouthernRebelBoy

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  8. Teleo9 Teleo9

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    Price/quality is all dependent on your location, over time you'll find better hookups. I started out paying $20/g and found cheaper prices. Usually when I buy weed I shine my phones LED light on it to give me a good idea of how good it is because the trichomes will sparkle.

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