New Zealand marijuana smokers buying poisoned dope

Discussion in 'The Drug War Headline News' started by Suetaz, Jul 28, 2004.

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    Marijuana smokers buying poisoned dope

    Marijuana users are being warned about poisoned cannabis being sold on the Coromandel Peninsula.

    By AINSLEY THOMSON | New Zealand News | 28.07.2004

    A pro-marijuana group says the cannabis has been sprayed by police with a herbicide, a process which turns the drug blue. Unscrupulous growers are disguising the poisoned cannabis with yellow food colouring to make it look green.

    The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml) said the affected marijuana could cause people to cough up blood and suffer nausea and headaches.

    Police confirmed that when they found marijuana plots they sprayed them with herbicide.

    [Suetaznote: What are they thinking?! Unsuspecting people aren't going to know what they were sprayed with and how damaging this herbicide is. Some people may try to smoke it anyway, if that's all they have and don't know the dangers. These LEO's obviously couldn't care less for the welfare of the citizens if they would do something like this and especially not to inform the public about it.]

    Waikato police spokeswoman Kris McGehan said the police would not disclose any operational information such as when or how the plants were sprayed.

    Ms McGehan said she had not heard of people getting sick from smoking poisoned drugs "but we are probably unlikely to for obvious reasons".

    "If you are going to buy or consume illegal drugs that is the risk you take. Obviously it is a criminal activity that we have no control over."

    Norml spokesman Chris Fowlie said most growers were "legitimate and ethical people".

    "But there is a section who are attracted just for the money and if they lose their crop through spraying they are going to want to recover it some other way."

    Mr Fowlie said those growers were disguising the poisoned marijuana by covering it in yellow food colouring to make it look green. They were also turning it into cannabis oil, where the blue colour was harder to detect.

    Mr Fowlie said the poisoned marijuana was mostly being bought by teenagers who were likely to buy from sources such as tinny houses.

    "We are getting reports that these kids are buying pot and smoking it and getting sick or coughing a lot. Coughing up blood in some instances."

    Green Party MP Nandor Tanczos said the police should let the public know exactly what they were spraying so the health risks could be determined.

    [Suetaznote: So much for 'protecting the children'! ]

    Toxic weed

    What the marijuana sprayed with herbicide looks like:

    * Chris Fowlie of the National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws says the poisoned marijuana is a copper-blue colour.

    * Some strains of marijuana, such as Te Puke Thunder, are naturally blue, which could confuse people.

    * But the poisoned marijuana looks like the blue colour has been splashed or painted on.

    * When the stalk on a poisoned plant is broken, blue dye should be visible down the middle of the stalk.
  2. xxdr_zombiexx xxdr_zombiexx

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    State-sponsored Terrorism

    Chemical Warfare in service to Reefer Madness Ideology.

    This is beyond inexcusable.

    From the link above:
    Because paraquat is highly poisonous, the form of it that is marketed in the United States has a blue dye to keep it from being confused with beverages such as coffee, a sharp odor to serve as a warning, and an added agent to cause vomiting if someone drinks it. Paraquat from outside the United States may not have these safeguards added.
    Paraquat is not known to have been used in any terrorist attacks or wars.
    [zombienote: Use by police to poison marijuana is terrorism.]


    If it is inhaled, paraquat could cause poisoning leading to lung damage. In the past, some marijuana in the United States has been found to contain paraquat.


    After a person ingests a large amount of paraquat, he or she is likely to immediately have pain and swelling of the mouth and throat. The next signs of illness following ingestion are gastrointestinal (digestive tract) symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea (which may become bloody).


    If a person survives the toxic effects of paraquat poisoning, long-term lung damage (scarring) is highly likely. Other long-term effects may also occur, including kidney failure, heart failure, and esophageal strictures (scarring of the swallowing tube that makes it hard for a person to swallow).
    People with high-dose exposure to paraquat are not likely to survive.

    So, a non-toxic plant is sprayed with very poisonous chemicals - toxic waste actually, as paraquat is from the DIOXIN family (highly pollutive, highly carcinogenic) - to cause a few episodes of extreme illness or death. Terrorsim in service to Reefer Madness Ideology.

    Paraquat was a big deal in the late 60's/early 70's. No handy link, but American Government sprayed Mexican fields with paraquat, but the weed found it's way north anyway and caused havoc for a little while - protests, letter writings.

    We even used to have a little poem:

    We smoke Pot
    We like it a lot
    please don't spray it
    with Paraquat.

    The NZ police are trying to "scare" people away from marijuana by causing some severe illnesses which will become scare-mongering rumours. All for ideology, nothing more. When a few youth die, the police will be murderers - reefer mad killers..
  3. Higher Logic Higher Logic

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    The systematic and planned extermination of an entire national, racial, political, or ethnic group; see 'genocide.' Not quite, but it comes close. I mean, I would consider cannabis consumers an ethnic group, and possibly a political group *shrug*
  4. notcashedyet notcashedyet

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    Should definatly be considered a minority-in which case might not some type of pot-racisim be considered? :bawl:
  5. Cassius Cassius

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    Oh my God.
  6. xxdr_zombiexx xxdr_zombiexx

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    It is not quite "stonercide" yet, but I would be completely unsurprsed to find it in a memo or e-mail somewhere.

    Think about the Chinese business lady beaten severely by Homeboy Security simply by being NEAR mary-ju-wanna. The end justifies the means in Law Enforcement and Government reefer mad ideologies.

    Think about all the people who have been stormtrooped by raids just for marijuana, the sick people who have had DEA shotguns in their faces, the waelthy Donald Scott gunned down in his own home becasue Law Enforcement wanted his property.

    This is why I call marijuana propaganda "hate speech": becasue it seeks to justify ridiculously violent intervention in an artificially-created situation.

    Marijuana should not be illegal and it is not a 'real" crime, no matter what a mountain of laws say. It's just not wrong. The laws are false. Lies.

    To beat, and injure, and finacially ruin, and seek to kill them via poison and guns is wrong and is criminal behavior. Any enforcement of any marijuana law is wrong.

    To be spraying plants in order to cause injury, fear, and panic should be investigated seriously... but wont be because it's OK to hurt stoners.
  7. iGame3D iGame3D

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    This is chemical warfare and terrorism.

    The US Goverment did this spraying in Mexico in the '70's.
    Only 10% of the sprayed marijuana that shipped across the border was ever stopped by authorities, ie, 90% of poisonous chemical weed made it into the hands of Americans. The people responsible believed that marijuana smokers deserved death.

    NORML exposed the government for its actions, after the goverment lied directly to NORML about US involvement in the spray operations, and they went to Mexico and gathered evidence on the US funding of paraquat spraying.

    The Drug Warriors have no morals, no compassion, and absolutely no human decency.
  8. melanotaenia melanotaenia

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    this is by far the worst thing I have ever heard of. It is one thing to try and enforce laws against marijuana, though I don't agree with them, it is still just a law. But to put people's health at risk? That is complete crap, and this makes me SO ANGRY that I want to puke myself. Puking up blood? Are you kidding me? Do you know what puking up blood means to the body? It means your body is very much in turmoil. I can't wait until someone coughs up blood and keels over, then these damn police will see what they are really doing; they are poisoning people with marijuana that would otherwise just get the people high and give them the munchies. If they are finding these fields in the first place, why not just cut them down and end it there? Why spray the plants so people get sick and possible die? Is that what the world is coming to? Killing people through spraying our natura herbs? Oh My God, this is horrible. I am so livid right now. Sorry for the antagonistic post, but if I lived where this MJ was being distributed, I would be flipping out right now; I would want to just go ahead and blow up the local precinct. UGH! :Puker:
  9. Suetaz Suetaz

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    This makes about as much sense as laying oil on a road to deter speeders. After a few accidents, the cops would figure that people will get the message. You would think somebody would have the brains to realize how dangerous and inhumane this is. It's things like this that people do that make me embarrassed to be a part of the human race. At the rate we're going, we ain't got a whole lot to be proud of.

    This is also happening in Columbia and I read that Loretta Nall will be going to Columbia to report on the spraying for Pot TV from August 15-27, I think.

    Nice rant melanotaenia! ;)

    Poor Cassius, it does leave one speechless, doesn't it?
  10. Greenbud Greenbud

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    I remembered reading a few years ago about the paraquat spraying in an older drug book I have. I knew they had halted the spraying back in the 70s, but I have always worried about what is on my pot if I buy it off of someone. I mean, they could have used pesticides and crappy fertilizers and stuff, and God, now it looks like paraquat has entered the picture again (at least in NZ). One of the reasons why I started growing my own. At least I know how it was raised and cared for.

    BTW: These rabid anti-pot morons that want to poison us need to be tried for crimes against humanity and hung from the highest tree.
  11. Bellatrix Bellatrix

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    The Perils of Prohibition

    Wasn't that lady a tourist, or is that yet another story? I hear about police/marijuana related beatings so often that I tend to lose track.

    Speaking of which, don't we have a few members who rabidly defend the LOEs no matter what? Gee, that corner of the room is awfully quiet...

    *crickets chirping* :rolleyes:

    This is an indicaton that prohibitionists have become so desperate that they are willing to openly poison innocent people to get their point across. This scares me in the sense that it might be a "trial balloon" for something another government might be planning to do on a larger scale.
  12. xxdr_zombiexx xxdr_zombiexx

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    Malice and Forethought

    The lady from China was apparently a "business woman" meaning she has money and is thus more important than some other person just visiting.

    Freakin' Colin Powell was dragged in to tell people there would be an investigation. It's high-level diplomatic crap because the stormtrooper beat her bloody for absolutley nothing - well.... reefer madness is more important than China-US relations, I think.

    Just another big story lost in the wind......

    Prohibitionists HAVE poisoned Americans in the past with this same technique.

    I am unsure what is up with the poisioning in NZ.

    Paraquat for US use is tinted blue, and I am very sure the US DEA makes regular trips to NZ and Australia to try and keep them from thinking too independently and re-legalizing. I can easily see the DEA making paraquat available to them for this very purpose, remorseless killers that they are.

    Cops and government have by far the most investment in Reefer Madness - nobody else gains from it.

    The question that nags me is why spray paraquat if the goal is to get rid of the plants? Paraquat has to be sprayed carefully, which means sending people out to spray individiual plants. The people who spray are, obviously - most at risk of blowback and inhalation of the stuff. It's dangerous, so we can posit they really wanted to poison the weed, not dig it up and remove it.

    The specific intention is to poison pot smokers and particularly poor pot smokers as the story references the weed came from "tinny houses" - poor people's shacks. They went out of their way to poison marijuana to hurt people.

    People of means don't have to buy weed from tinny houses or from strangers (usually) so it's part class warfare too.

    The Police purposefully wanted to injure, sicken or kill a few stoners to try and "scare" teeens away from trying pot (and finding out everything they have been told about it is a lie).

    Why cops have chosen reefer madness over service to the people is beyond me. Can't be the pay......

    Must be the on-going budget enhancements and sense of power.
  13. solutions solutions

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    Nobody else gains from it? :eek:

    I would say there is quite a large prohibition, prevention and "treatment" industry outside of law enforcement and government. From drug-test manufacturers and pharma-companies sponsoring anti-drug NGO's to "religious" sects like Scientologies Narconon or the average politician: "(insert country) is facing a great evil, marijuana is destroying our society (applause), men who could have been doctors walk around like zombie's, just waiting to rape our kids, we cannot tolerate that! (applause), now I will kiss a baby.."

    Anduh, really, there's a lot of money gained in the unofficial circuit now. IIRC the UN estimates the annual illicit drug market at $ 500 billion. That's enough to invade Iraq at least four times.

    Kinda thought I'd mention that in the absense of members rabidly defending LEO's. :lookaroun

    Not to say this isn't despicable and wouldn't have to be examined by a parliamentary commision with the masterminds of this prosecuted for endangering citizens.... scandals like these should bring down governments.
  14. xxdr_zombiexx xxdr_zombiexx

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    I stand corrected.
  15. J-mov J-mov

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    If they made it a non-criminal activity, they could very easily control it. I swear, I am moving to Amsterdam as soon as I get enough money... First I have to pay off my car! :p
  16. StewScum StewScum

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    So, to deter the marijuana smoking population the police have begun to take steps to eradicate them off of the face of the planet. Nice. I am extremely disturbed that an herbacide like that would be used on weed and not even kill it. I thought that was the point of spraying that crap on it, not making it poisonous.

    Thats it, I'm going to all the local donut shops and spraying the donuts with raid, its pretty much the same thing.
  17. iwish iwish

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    I am so FFFing mad about this I have spent the past couple of hours over two days straightening my password out and doing some research on the matter, truth is that what these people are doing is very illegal just look up the definition of booby trapping and terrorism I'm really steamed about this because of the hypocricy that has been uncouvered here warrants a class action suit by anyone harmed by this booby trapping, against the NZ government for allowing this

    this is what I have found so far on my limited search......
    Certain Conventional Weapons Convention (CCWC)

    The full and formal title of this international agreement is:
    Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain
    Conventional Weapons which may be Deemed to be Excessively
    Injurious or to have Indiscriminate Effects (and Protocols).

    This agreement is also referred to as the: CONVENTION ON CERTAIN CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS (CCCW)

    * 86 Signatories
    * 44 Ratifications as of 20 June 2001
    * United States Ratified Protocols I, II and the Amended Protocol (with certain reservations, declarations and understandings).

    The Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCCW) also known as the "Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions of the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May be deemed to be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects," entered into force in December 1983. The Convention and its initial three Protocols restrict or prohibit the use of various conventional weapons whose effects are deemed to be excessively cruel or which do not discriminate between legitimate and illegitimate (especially civilian) targets. At the time of ratification, each State Party is required to state its consent to be bound by at least two of the Protocols. The United States ratified Protocols I and II on 24 March 1995.

    The CCCW itself now comprises the three original protocols, an amended protocol, and one additional protocol:

    * Protocol I prohibits the use of non-detectable fragments;
    * Protocol II restricts the use of mines, booby traps, and other devices on civilian targets or in a way that may cause indiscriminate harm;
    * Amended Protocol II strengthens the restrictions governing the use of mines, booby traps, and other devices;
    * Protocol III prohibits making civilian populations the object of attack by incendiary weapons and restricts the use of incendiary weapons against military targets located within a concentration of civilians; and
    * Protocol IV prohibits the use and transfer of laser weapons designed to cause permanent blindness to un-enhanced vision.

    Nows hows about that, they're war on drugs What the hell were they thinking booby trappin weed. It's hypocracy I tell you :redhot: :redhot: :redhot: :redhot:
  18. xxdr_zombiexx xxdr_zombiexx

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    NORML more concerned about "public safety" than the police.

    MAPINC | New Zealand Herald (31 Jul 2004)

    It appears that the pro-cannabis group, Norml, is more concerned about public safety than the police who are sworn to protect it. For police to assert that getting sick through unknowingly smoking marijuana poisoned by the police is "the risk you take", is a dereliction of responsibility.

    The only reason police have taken to spraying plants rather than pulling them up and burning them is to save money. If someone dies through this cavalier policy, will the response of the police be just "tough luck"?

    This is proof of the moral bankruptcy of prohibition and the black market it creates. It does not deter users and does not address social or health problems; it merely puts people at greater risk.

    How much land has been poisoned and how many innocent animals have suffered through police spraying operations? Where have these operations been carried out? We have a right to know.

    D. B. Campbell


    ( Auckland )
  19. Puffer Puffer

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    Unfortunately, chemical weapons (CWMD) are not considered to be conventional weapons. However, if they truly wanted to get rid of Marijuana and the people who smoke it, wouldn't they just use nukes (NWMD)?

    My gut feeling is that because they can't prove that Marijuana is harmful any other way, they're resorting to poison to justify their argument. It's enough to make one wonder if there are any limits to the anti-drug warriors' stupidity.
  20. kumar kumar

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    Is this what they call "serve and protect"?

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