Next day aftereffect?

Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Kitube, May 27, 2012.

  1. Kitube Kitube

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    is it just me or do you guys feel an aftereffect after getting completely stoned the day before?
    i feel kind of relaxed, pleased often still hungry. and my thinking is still a bit confused and when iam doing somehting and then start doing somehting else i often forget that i was just doing somehting different, and my perception of time changes.
    basically like being high but much much less intense.
  2. Mr.MarryJane Mr.MarryJane

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    Yeh bro the same thing happened to me once,I smoke a couple hits of white widow,and that knocked me on my ass! For the next week I felt all those things you explained,except it was very intense.I love white widow tho lol it's some amazing bud
  3. WheezyLiam WheezyLiam

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    I think it's called being burnt out. Pretty common.
  4. _shameless_ _shameless_

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    yea same thing happens to me when i get stoned the day before, i get really calm and lack motivation to do anything :chillpill:
  5. Kitube Kitube

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    hmm, i dont know if its a burn out, but i dont see it as a negative thing. yes i get desmotivated but iam really relaxed and satisfied how everything is.

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