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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by Jemma, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Jemma Jemma

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    Have you ever wanted to say something on a bulletin board and thought to yourself-
    "Self, I want to say this, share it with the community but it is not quite worthy of an entire thread."

    That happens to me a lot when I am high.

    Todays thought is, Don't you hate when you have just enough in your pipe to get you buzzed but not quite peak high, and you are all do I want to pack a whole new bowl for just two more hits, or am I lazy and just will wait till later (my ritual evening smoke) for a fresh bowl?

    Just a thought, but together with my other thought, I thought this was thread worthy.
  2. l No l FeaR l l No l FeaR l

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    I hate when I really need to get high, like a really stressed day or I'm just not in a good mood AT ALL and just want to get high and relax a bit, but only have such a small amount of weed left that I could take that 1 or 2 hits and just barely be high, but won't be high enough and it would just piss me off even more lol
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  3. Jemma Jemma

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    Oh that does suck!! My ex and I once had an experience we called the Hanukkah Bowl, there was only enough weed for one hit and it lasted for 8.

    I was also musing that 4:20 really is the perfect time to get high, because then your munchies will hopefully coincide with dinner time.
  4. Jemma Jemma

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    2 words- Granddaddy Purps.
  5. shadeslayer42199 shadeslayer42199

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    I was just thinking how sweet the weed smoking community is. I was chilling at my buddy/dealer's house today with some people and they were passing a blunt around. Some other people come by to pick up some bud. I never met them before, but we had a little conversation and when the blunt got passed to them, they offered it to me. I was like, "Sorry, I can't" and they were like "Sorry, bro." (I can't smoke cause my parents test me). Anywho, I just love how everyone is so chill and can hang out, chat, whatever...
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  6. locket locket

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    That is hilarious.
  7. Kushy Kushy

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    When I binge with my vape and inhale a lot of dank marijuana I notice my shit literally smells good because of how many of the cannabinoids and terpenoids (chemicals that make weed smell) are in my excrement. I know it sounds weird but i like the smell of my shit sometimes because the nasty smell of shit is overpowered by the citrusy diesel or grapey kush compounds inside ;) There's a thought that's definitely not threadworthy, just worth a random thread i stumble upon whilst baked and end up revealing too much strange information about yourself. this Mr. Nice guy is so nice to smoke. cant wait to smell when i shit this out. rambling now dammit
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  8. Nuclear666 Nuclear666

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    nah, not everyone is chill to hang out with just cuz they blaze.
  9. vvicked0471 vvicked0471

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    Dude. Way to much info. Makes the roast beef ive been craving for the past hour seem really disgusting...

    On to my random thought.. Mashed potatoes are amazing. That is all...
  10. LikeSoTotallyBaked LikeSoTotallyBaked

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    Lol that happens when I eat pot brownies.
  11. Beast'N On'M Beast'N On'M

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    I hate assholes. The ones who expect a smokeout because they got you some weed that you paid for.

    I also hate how people "count heads". Wtf? let the dude smoke, shit.
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  12. Jemma Jemma

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    I love wake 'n bake. How can I get my coffee and my weed in one delicious source?
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  13. Love4TheNugg Love4TheNugg

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    Gotta love the wake n bake. Pretty baked myself.

    Off for a day of school.

    I was just thinking how bomb pulled pork is, so delicious.
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  14. Jemma Jemma

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    Oooh that sounds so good right now!
    I wish I could do something about the infernal Taco Bell cravings I get. Why can't I crave carrots when I have the munchies?
  15. jakspar0w jakspar0w

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    you know what's lame. here i am on summer break just tryin to do my thing and relax, but when i smoke i get really considerate (damnit!) and just end up spending time with people who i feel like making smile. then i realize man i really just wanted to chief a bowl and finish my book.
  16. stoneygreenbud stoneygreenbud

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    Wow, thats pretty harsh IMO.

    I've been a smoker for over 35yrs now, and I learned early on, that when someone goes out of their way to get/find you a sack, the least you can do is smoke a bowl with them, I mean come-on-now, they took time away from what they were doing to find you some weed, and how does doing you that kind of favor, make them an "asshole" anyway :shakehead

    I made a rule back in my teens, and that rule was: the first time someone hits me up to get them some weed & doesn't atleast smoke a bowl with me, well that would be the last time I ever took the time out of my day to get them any weed.


  17. Drew420 Drew420

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    I realized the other day I can't stand synthetic bud. I've smoked a few different blends, but whatever it was I had the other day just was insane. We had a bowl between 3 people, and we all got totally fucked up. I don't know what bud it was, and I don't really care to ask, because my friend can smoke real weed again after this Sunday, and is gonna start dealing again, too. But anyway, they were actually talking about what legal bud it was they had, but I was too far gone to pick it up. The high was decent, I just felt like it was pounding my head. Kinda like smoking weed all over again. And it felt was less natural and clean. Sensory input was also weird.
    This was literally a high that you can't control. I felt like it was totally obvious I was high, which I can usually hide when I'm on actual bud.
  18. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    I like colors, some more than others, and others more than some. essentially every phrase can be broken down into words and those words into syllables which can then be rearranged to form completely new phrases. this act is called juxtaposition, the term juxtaposition also applies to many other acts in which one object is transposed with another. within my mind there is a confusing hallway filled with pictures, each picture is a thought, but also a potent memory wiping agent, as you walk down the hallway you are bombarded by thoughts which exist for a small fleeting moment only to slip away into nothing as quickly as they were born.

    and then a break in the line, period, end of paragraph and onto the next stanza in my non lyrical composition, a medley of words much like a fruit salad which only upon completion does the user feel the satisfaction. all the flavors cannot and will not truly melt together until the end. and you take all your crayolas, regardless of color and like a vengeful god you cast them, scream, into a melting pot, all colors fade and they assimilate, a million childrens dreams all condensed into a tiny, chewable cube. but you will regret chewing it, just as you regret the time you did not take to do the things you know you must, but still feel a tinge of satisfaction in knowing you blew off responsibility for personal gain.

    a twisted and thorny devils, one which between the thorns lies a skin so smooth that the temptation to caress it is irresistible, you seek to trace a safe path along it with your hands, avoiding the thorns and the pain they promise in an effort to satisfy your lust for the pleasure that is this silky surface. infinitely you trace this path, but there is no avoiding folly, the thorns erode you, wearing your flesh down to bone but still you yearn to feel yet again the gossamer touch, eventually you're ground down to nothing. it's like an addiction to rubbing cheese graters against your skin.

    how's that for a high thought?
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  19. Lpwn_Ranger Lpwn_Ranger

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    Frisbee golf is the perfect stoner sport.
    You get to walk around outside, throw frisbees, smoke weed (if you want, which you always will), and every body I've ever seen playing it was obviously a stoner too.
    Empanadas are the perfect stoner food. This needs no explanation.
    Think about how much technology has improved in the last 1000 years, now try to think about what the technology will be like 1000 years from now. I really hope there is reincarnation because of this, I want to see what the world will be like in the year 3011.
    Have you ever been driving around and smelt a skunk that had been run-over and at first you just assume it's your weed? Or have you ever been driving around and smelt your weed and at first you just assume it was a skunk?
    I like to hit tumbleweeds with my car at high speed.

    Man I'm stoned.
  20. Jemma Jemma

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    Seriously, if you have not watched this whole movie at least watch clip.

    Waking Life is one of my all time fave high movies....
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