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  1. mikeandike737 mikeandike737

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    I'm fairly new to smoking, i started about a month ago, and this past monday i smoked up with a few buddies of mine and felt great for the rest of the day. then the next day i woke up and i felt kind of numb in my hands and face. i figured it was nothing and went on with my day. now it is thursday and the numbness has gotten worse and i am really starting to get worried. it makes it impossible to do everyday things like even typing this is difficult.

    If this has ever happaned to anyone else please let me know and please tell me what you did to make it go away. I would love an answer as soon as possible seeing how i have work latter today and it will be nearly impossible while in this state.
  2. HyDrO2110 HyDrO2110

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    have you smoked since?

    i have never heard of anything like that.

    idk go for a run or something? get the blood flowing???
  3. Amato d00d Amato d00d

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    Sounds like you're just trippin' dude, I can't think of any reason that would be connected to the mj...if I were you I'd smoke some more, and see how you feel after your next high
  4. mikeandike737 mikeandike737

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    thanks for the suggestions. i tried running and it didnt do shit and ive noticed that sometimes for a second things will feel normal so i think it might b mental but for some reason i cant fucking shake this shit
  5. Maximus Maximus

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    This doesn't sound like it was pot induced, numb and tingly in the feet and hands is a sign of poor circulation. I've never heard of pot doing that, go to the doctor if it gets worse poor circulation can lead to serious problems. It would be my opinion that it's only coincidence that you noticed that a day after smoking.
  6. Hemostrat Hemostrat

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    Keep your hands active. Rub them a lot, keep them moving, etc.
  7. KaliKush KaliKush

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    SEND ME SOME OF THAT SHIIT DAMN! what type of weed were u smokin?but i dunno bro ive never tripped that bad for that long of a period.

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