Opinion on price of sour diesel?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by New2011era, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. New2011era New2011era

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    Being from NY it is more expensive then the south or the west.

    An ounce can cost anywhere between 300-400.

    I recently bought an ounce of Sour for $325 and i want your opinion on the prices

    Dub $15
    1/8 $55
    1/4 $100

    Thoughts, opinions, suggestions? ( remember NY )
  2. Love4TheNugg Love4TheNugg

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    Well I gotta say that's pretty damn steep. I can't say for sure because I don't live there.
  3. Myracl Myracl

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    I can normally get an ounce for 330ish in the mid-west. If I wanted an 8th, its normally $60, unless you really know your dealer. A quarter is normally $110. But that's just here! I figured the prices are very similar
  4. Dankitydankness Dankitydankness

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    You should be happy with $325 an ounce. I just picked up a gram of SD for $20. I think my guy said an O would cost around $400-440. I would love to have a connect who could get me ounces of dank for in the 300's
  5. New2011era New2011era

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    Oh that's cool, I am selling my 1st ounce just to friends so i am trying to keep them coming by giving a discount.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Yeah man im on the East Coast too and a dub goes for 20 here. An o sells for about 400 give or take.
  7. bong.legend420 bong.legend420

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    i will never move there...holy shit...here in ohio an ounce is 100 bucks for regs and normally really good shit is from 115 - 200...but if ya got a dude like mine...green crack, super dro shit that Kottonmouth Kings smoke, 100 bucks n its actually a lil more than an ounce lol i bought a 20 sack n it was more like a 40

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