Orange Juice with weed?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Bombbuds, Apr 10, 2011.

  1. Bombbuds Bombbuds

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    What does it do to you??
  2. Lpwn_Ranger Lpwn_Ranger

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    What do you mean?
    If you drink it?
    It will make you less thirsty.
    If you smoke it?
    Probably nothing, why the hell would you smoke orange juice? How would you smoke orange juice? Get the double pulp stuff and let it dry?
  3. CouchPotato CouchPotato

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    I think he's asking because of some hip hop artist always mentions it. Either Wiz Khalifa or Snoop Dogg, correct? It wont do anything, they say it in the song to create contrast perhaps? To make weed, as a drug, look better or worse?
  4. Trigga Trigga

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    Kush & OJ is Wiz's mixtape :D
  5. killah killah

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    ha yea wiz is all about the OJ. Or do you mean will it like make you higher? Alot of people believe if you drink OJ before you trip you will trip harder, idk if thats true or not but maybe thats what hes getting at. Smoking marijuana and drinking OJ is good because it is good for you and it tastes good IMO.
  6. OrangeJuiceandKush OrangeJuiceandKush

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    I drink it.
    It tastes good.
  7. fiendin fiendin

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    I wake & bake every morning with a glass of OJ and a blunt.
    Its just so delicious.
  8. Love4TheNugg Love4TheNugg

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    OJ and weed is a great combo to start the day.

    Nothing special about it, just enjoyable.

    Had some Pineapple/Banana/Orange juice the other day.
  9. Sproggs Sproggs

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    I prefer weed and coffee, ackshully.

    But OJ is badass too.
  10. OrangeJuiceandKush OrangeJuiceandKush

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    Anyone heard of smoothie king? There mango madness smoothies are so fucking delicious. It's mango, a little pineapple juice and orangejuice and a crapload of sugar. Theres really only one way to describe it an orgasm in your mouth.
  11. simon_james simon_james

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    I prefer the Five Alive citrus punches, with mangos and oranges and guavas and whacky shit like that. Mmm Mmm GOOD.

    Also vitamin C is very good for you!
  12. OrangeJuiceandKush OrangeJuiceandKush

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    You would think they are good for you but theres like 600 calories in a medium or something ridiculous like that. They add sugar and other ingredients for taste and it makes the calorie amount skyrocket.
  13. simon_james simon_james

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    Should have clarified that I buy the frozen concentrates. Not much better but not as bad in my opinion.
  14. High High

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    You sure you aint thinking of another drug, one that is nothing like marijuana..

    MDMA and OJ is what im thinking your thinkin of.
    (could be wrong though i know its some other drug though, not MJ)
  15. jayyblaz3n jayyblaz3n

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    kush and orange juice makes you feel nicer cuz orange juice has citric acid and basically boils the thc in your stomach to have a longer and nicer high but hot chocolate milk and weed is better
  16. 5drive 5drive

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    Really? Where did you get that 'fact'?
  17. FlyinHighAgain9 FlyinHighAgain9

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    rap = crap
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  18. Beast'N On'M Beast'N On'M

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    Weed and orange juice does nothing for you...

    Try weed and soda; weed and philosophy; weed and homework; weed and positive conversations-- I'm sure these can be beneficial for you in some way.
  19. new2twistinup new2twistinup

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    OG kush OJ kush same thing...

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