Orange Peals and Bud?

Discussion in 'Surveys, Polls and Questions' started by Ilovemybuds, May 11, 2010.

  1. Ilovemybuds Ilovemybuds

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    My mom bought in her friend into the house a while ago and he was ex- Hells Angels

    and he said if I want to keep my buds moist I should throw an orange peal in the bag.

    So, I took two strains, Maui Wow-e (I have no idea how it's spelled :p ) and Trainwreck, about a gram each and two orange peals in the bag, how long should it be in there for? What should I expect? I hear it gives the buds a slight orange taste, this true?
  2. SenorSmokesALot SenorSmokesALot

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    While adding orange peels to your sack will add flavor and moisture to your weed (the essential oils in the peel will give it a slight citrus taste) this is generally a bad idea. It's better to keep your herb dry otherwise it is more likely to develop mold and ruin your bud entirely.

    If you want to add the flavor you can add the peels but make sure to smoke that bud within 24 hours before mold is able to start developing. A better solution would be to smoke a blunt with an orange blunt wrap. Personally I would much rather have the taste of pure mj, though.
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  3. Ilovemybuds Ilovemybuds

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    Thanks, I tried it anyway.

    After an hour I checked on the bud and it was REALLY moist so I took it out.

    Than I smoked the Trainwreck right after and it took me 3 joint's to get a good one that pulled well since the bud was so wet and sticky.

    This morning I smoked Maui Wowi (Spelling..?) And I smoked a Joint and it wasn't as hard to pull but it made it the joint burn slow and well.

    There was no Orange smell on the Maui Wowi, or orange taste

    there was a very faint one on the Trainwreck though
  4. Buds_Of_Steele Buds_Of_Steele

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    It's something that you really only want to do when the weed is too dry and burns harshly. You should leave the peel in overnight and the next morning your bud should have some more moisture to it, and produce a thicker, creamier smoke.
  5. solomons_lion solomons_lion

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    I would do that to mexican brick weed all the time, but i would NEVER do that to headies. EVER.
  6. Ilovemybuds Ilovemybuds

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    Cool, thanks for the info, I'm gonna go buy some schwag later
  7. sweetladyluck sweetladyluck

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    It's all about the peach blunt wraps and a feminine touch.
  8. StonedLife StonedLife

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    omg dude...i love headies!!!!
  9. Freshness420 Freshness420

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    Personally my friend has done this many of times and it is always middies. Most of the time we smoke it the day after he put the orange peel in(about 15 hours give or take) and it normally has a slight citrus flavor. I don't really know about the moisture that the peels produce because I don't know how dry the bud was before the peels.

    Its worth a try, but as SmokesALot said it could lead to mold growing in the bud. So if you do try it make sure you smoke it relatively quickly.

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