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Discussion in 'Homemade Paraphernalia' started by I still got a dalmation, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. I still got a dalmation I still got a dalmation

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    So I'm just curious...what fruits/vegtables have you made pipes out of? Personally I've smoked from an apple...and a few desperate times a potato, and once a chillum made from a carrot. Now that I think about it you could use alot of different foods. So what seemingly strange foods have you used?
  2. Trocisp Trocisp

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    I've done Apple, Carrot, Watermelon (steamroller, it was rather difficult and I didn't make it alone), potato, onion (bad idea - tastes horrible) and pear (quite yummy).
  3. I still got a dalmation I still got a dalmation

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    pear...mm I have to try that one
  4. tekkenlaw tekkenlaw

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    Pickle, apple, strawberry, banana, and an orange.
  5. karnivor karnivor

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    sweet potato
  6. steakii steakii

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    Apple, cucumber, potato, carrot. Yeah, i tried a plum once and it just ended up turning into one huge mess.
  7. neverfail neverfail

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    So I guess I am not imaganable enouph.....but how do you carve them to work for a pipe? I have often wanted to try this before......

    do you carve a carb as welll? And what is used for a screen? Just a screen or a special carving technique?

    Sorry guys for being so blind. :) I just always over analyze things!!!

    Any help is awesome!!!!:hail:
  8. vern vern

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    Take a pen, pencil, screw driver or something similar. Drive it through the apple, making a hole from one end to the other. One end is your mouth piece, the other is the carb. Carve a bowl-like shape into the apple. Pick a spot wisely; consider the safety of your face and hair. Once you have the bowl shaped, connect it with the other hole. I would do this trying to keep the hole at the bottom of the bowl as small as possible. Maybe use a smaller screw driver. Load weed, spark and inhale.
  9. sinkoman sinkoman

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    Apple and Potato.

    Tried a small stick of bread the other night, and you just end up inhaling a tonne of powdered bread. Do not try...
  10. Abbazabba1212 Abbazabba1212

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    I once made a pipe out of a full watermelon using a drill and two XL drillbits. It tasted so good with strawberry cough.
  11. Tenderlungs Tenderlungs

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    I've only smoked from an apple, as far as fruits or vegetables go.
  12. kaythree kaythree

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    This made me laugh :D
  13. Stonerboner115 Stonerboner115

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    i wonder wat a orange or some citrus fruit would taste like with some citrus herb. i gotta try that
  14. James Hodson James Hodson

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    You could make a waterfall (or gravity bong to you oversea-ers) out of a butternut squash
  15. good vibes and high times good vibes and high times

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    how did you make the strawberry one? :)
  16. Inspired&tired Inspired&tired

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    I stuff baby carrots, because it's easier than rolling.

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