Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by filthy, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. filthy filthy

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    goin on trip on bus how can i hide smell from people and dogs if need ?
  2. Trocisp Trocisp

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    You can't hide the smell from dogs. That's the simple answer.

    You can, however, hide the smell from people by simply putting into a few baggies and then into a mason jar.
  3. thedefectkid thedefectkid

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    cover with a dryer sheet and pu into a loofa!!! works great...
  4. Majorguns420 Majorguns420

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    But it makes it taste like Dryer sheets, lol. You can use a bag, then another, cover that one with vasoline, and then wrap another bag around that. Don't know if it works against dogs, but it will cover up some dank, that stinks up your house.
  5. $moKeDanK $moKeDanK

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    put the bud in a baggie and zip till the middle and suck all the air out of it then close the bag. then put that bag in another and do the same. it wont help you against dogs tho. i doubt you will run into dogs on your bus trip
  6. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    He specifically asked for advice defeating the dogs. Why post something you openly admit is NOT applicable to this situation?

    COMPLETELY ineffective against dogs in every way!
  7. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    If you're taking "The Hound", hiding it from dogs is hardly going to be necessary.
    There are even fewer restrictions on domestic bus travel then there are on domestic air travel.

    For hiding smell, vacuum-sealing works wonders, but it's hardly foolproof.
    Teh vaseline & dryer sheets are a waste of those products.
  8. feedyourhead feedyourhead

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    probably because the OP didn't ask about dogs specifically, he asked about hiding the smell from dogs and people.
  9. $moKeDanK $moKeDanK

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    he asked for something to hide the smell from humans and dogs. i dont know of any to cover the smell from dogs. but i might as well help with a way i do know for people. better something then nothing
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  10. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    You are correct, and I apologize

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