PANIC ATTACK - Relax -it happens to everyone.

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by Herbalista, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Ok. So for a long time I have been seeing many many threads on these forums about people experiencing panic attacks, and some people that eventually go to the ER.

    I wanted to take a minute to talk about what's going on, how this can be prevented etc. - so that you guys that do feel this dont have to worry about it, and can enjoy smoking more.

    Ok here we go...

    Let me start off by first saying that I am not a doctor, by any means - so don't take what I say too seriously, and dont sue me later. ;) Before smoking I would actually suggest that you do see a doctor, and tell them that you plan on smoking marijuana, and see if they have any concerns out of the ordinary. My doctor knows I smoke, I tell her just so it's out there. Better safe than sorry. Your doctor isnt going to turn you in, they are there to help you.

    So anyways, what are some of the common symptoms of a panic attack?

    Usually it starts out with stuff like an increased heart rate, sweaty palms, blurry vision, a sense of dizziness etc. This stuff actually tends to increase and get worse for some people, because once they realize they are having these symptoms they freak out - and what happens? Their heart rate gets even faster, they get even sweatier, and even dizzier.

    The key here is to remember that you just got done smoking marijuana. The whole point of the plant is to induce psychoactive and physiological effects. It's not tobacco for crying out loud, there are going to be some side effects.

    I would suggest that you go over some of these guidelines posted by NORML - for responsible cannabis use:

    # Cannabis consumption is for adults only. Many things and activities are suitable for young people, but others absolutely are not. Children do not drive cars, enter into contracts or marry, and they must not use drugs.

    # The responsible cannabis user does not operate a motor vehicle or other dangerous machinery impaired by cannabis. Although cannabis is said by most experts to be safer than alcohol and many prescription drugs with motorists, public safety demands that impaired drivers be taken off the road and that objective measures of impairment be developed and used, rather than chemical testing.

    # The responsible cannabis user will carefully consider his/her setting and regulate use accordingly. The responsible cannabis consumer will be vigilant as to conditions -- time, place, mood, etc. -- and does not hesitate to say "no" when those conditions are not conducive to a safe, pleasant and/or productive experience.

    # Use of cannabis, to the extent that it impairs health, personal development or achievement, is abuse and should be resisted by responsible cannabis users. Abuse means harm. Some cannabis use is harmful; most is not. That which is harmful should be discouraged; that which is not need not be.

    # The responsible cannabis user does not violate the rights of others, observes accepted standards of courtesy and public propriety, and respects the preferences of those who wish to avoid cannabis entirely. Regardless of the legal status of cannabis, responsible users will adhere to emerging tobacco smoking protocols in public and private places.

    Basically you just want to be responsible about smoking - so that if anything out of the ordinary does occur, you have left yourself in the safest environment possible to deal with these problems.

    I have seen many people have bad trips/highs from smoking, it happens to the best of us, even me! ;)

    The key - like I said - is to remember that you just got done smoking marijuana, and that there are going to be some effects. My best advice would be to do what I do. Go to the bathroom, splash your face with some cold water - go grab a glass of ice water or orange juice and sip it down while you sit in a comfortable chair, or lay down on a bed.

    I have seen other people that freak out so much they literally think they are dying, and beg to go to the ER. If this happens to you, honestly marijuana probably isnt the thing for you right now. The plant may be having a domino effect on some pre-existing condition you might have.

    It's my personal opinion that people with schizophrenia, bi-polar disorders, major depression or anxiety should not smoke marijuana.

    But if you do decide to smoke anyways, you should know that basically nobody has ever died from smoking pot.

    I give you this quote from EROWID:

    Nobody has ever overdosed. For any given substance, there are bound to be some people who have allergic reactions. With marijuana this is extremely rare, but it could happen with anything from apples to pop-tarts. Not one death has ever been directly linked to marijuana itself. In contrast, many legal drugs cause hundreds to hundreds of thousands of deaths per year, foremost among them are alcohol, nicotine, valium, aspirin, and caffiene. The biggest danger with marijuana is that it is illegal, and someone may mix it with another drug like PCP.

    Marijuana is so safe that it would be almost impossible to overdose on it. Doctors determine how safe a drug is by measuring how much it takes to kill a person (they call this the LD50) and comparing it to the amount of the drug which is usually taken (ED50). This makes marijuana hundreds of times safer than alcohol, tobacco, or caffiene. According to a DEA Judge ``marijuana is the safest therapeutically active substance known to mankind.''


    Still other people experience even more dramatic effects. They feel like they have changed as a person, they feel that their mind is racing, and they are having thoughts that they would probably never normally have. I have seen some people get so baked that they think they've been possessed or taken over by something divine, and feel the need to express this verbally with everyone around them. I personally have never gotten this high, lol. But if for some reason you do feel something like this - I would refer back to what I said before. JUST CALM DOWN. You just smoked or consumed by other means - marijuana - and the whole point of marijuana is to get you to step outside of the box.

    Instead of freaking out, try something creative - go draw, or write - and look back at it later so you have something to either admire or laugh at. ;)

    If things get really bad, and you have hallucinations - you've probably smoked something else entirely, or smoked some marijuana that has been laced with something. Weed shouldnt cause hallucinations on its own. Be careful what you put into your body!

    Just be responsible guys. And happy tokin. ;D
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    Oh well 2 threads cant hurt.

  4. Dark Dark

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    Well, you should've used the search function.
    I think this thread will either be closed or merged.
    But I could be wrong
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    Here is the problem...

    To start this article is great and I'm sure it will help alot of people. However, there are a bunch of us who experience the heavier effects such as racing thoughts and all of that other crazy stuff mentioned, but after we smoke. It happens out of nowhere when we are completley sober the day, days, or even weeks after smoking normally. I have never experienced any bad feelings directley after smoking, or when actually high period. It only happens when I've been completley sober for at least a day since my last toke. This is why I'm concerned about it, because it happens when I am completley sober, never when I am high or just smoked. IT SUCKS becasue I love weed sooo much. I'm not trying to attack anyone or anyhting either, that was a great post with alot of usefull info that will help a bunch of people, I'm sure of it. Unfortunatley there's some of us with this problem occuring sober, much after we actully smoked which is why its so odd to me. Sorry for another long ass post, haha.
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    Dark is right though...we don't NEED two threads covering the exact same topic. Had you bothered to search before posting, which is ALWAYS the recommended course of action, you'd have seen we already have a wealth of info regarding panic attacks avail;able to our members. Please, in the future, UTFSE (Use The F!@#$%^& Search Engine)
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    Yea man your right, when your having a gnarly panic attack, that information in his post is SO far from your mind its hella unhelpful.

    I've only had one real panic attack before, smoked mad bongloads of this savage trainwreck bud, and ended up curled up in a ball shivering like a junkie without scag for like 3 hours. I swear my mind went Fear and Loathing on me for a snarge there...
  8. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    Panic attacks aren't necessarily ALWAYS weed-related. I'd go to the Dr and expalin what is happening to you, because it sounds very possible that you are suffering from panic disorder. The sooner you tell your Dr about theswe attacks, the sooner you may experience some relief. In your situation, I don't believe weed is a primary cause of your attacks, and you may have other issues.
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    I have found that (I've asked many friends who smoke weed [haha all my friends]who agree this happens) sometimes when I have smoked before (first time it happened I had been smoking for over 2 years daily pretty much) I get something along the lines of a "panic attack" but not really described like that. I read a post that sums it up a lot better than the long posts with definitions of panic attacks etc..
    For example, after I smoked I had depressing and shitty thoughts going through my head on a constant loop (until I burned out) including thinking my mom was sick and was going to die, ammplifiing current problems in my head to the point I would go almost crazy, my heart beat going very quick, restelessness, intense paranoia that someone was going to go into my house as I was lying in bed blazing and kill me. Not really the effects I read about in the previous "anxiety posts", but I have asked a large number of my friends who agreed that has happend to them before. (especially the thing where depressing thoughts loop in your brain without stopping, you all know how weed amplifies sounds, thoughts, colours)
    This happend only 2-3 times out of all the times I've ever smoked, and it was around a time when I was going through some problems but non the was VERY unpleasant. It put me off of smoking weed for like 2-3 weeks, which many requests from my parents, friends and councellors could not do.

    Very weird. So yeah, if anyone has had that happen to them before and they have read other posts and seen that their signs did not really match most of the signs listed but someting similar to what I said happend--> know you are not alone and its pretty normal for that to happen once in a great while espessially around times of stress or problems.

    Hope I helped someone by saying this whos freaked out about it. lol
    Anyways. Just give it a rest (smoking) for like a week to whatever time needed for you and next time smoke a bit just to see how you're feeling.

    Have a nice day.
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  10. Jake Jake

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    Good post dude. I've only had about two or maybe three panic attacks. The first one was the worst, I had to sit down for a really long time, put my head down on a table, and just....tried to get ahold of myself. I had asked my friend to call an abulance by the end of it....thankfully, she said no. As soon as she said no, I kind of snapped out of it and got up. Walking was really hard at first, but by the end of the block, I was all started with a cigarette I think.

    Your quote from Erowid is spot on too. My second (and I think last:huh:) panic attack was stopped very quickly mostly by just reminding myself that no one has ever died from it, and I just started walking again....walking always works....I think physical activity can't be stressed enough....

    This is pretty much the only thing I disagree with. From what I've seen in life, bi-polar disorders are more easily managed with cannabis use. It is very chill, bringing you closer to the middle of the spectrum whether you were on the high end :) or the low end:(. Many medications that these people would otherwise take can do some messed up stuff.

    .....oh and cannabis is very rarely laced. Unless it's specifically sold that way, because it's going to cost more. Cocaine and PCP are extremely easy to distinguish, unless they were used on a pathetically small scale.
  11. piper_anne piper_anne

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    that really helped. thats happened to me and i saw raccoons and shit coming from a puddle in the middle of the road.

    it fucking tripped me, and i just had to take some deep breaths.

    but it hasnt happened again, so thats good.
  12. Massimo15 Massimo15

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    I know exactly what you mean. You're starting to panic as you realize that some unreasonable thought was suddenly true. Your thoughts start going, mind's racing, heart is going, you're sweating, then your brain goes full on paranoid, and you're convinced the wierd kid from your past is actually a serial killer looking for you. And you're done.

    Granted I stay away from bong hits, blunts, most edibles.....I chilled from smoking for're absolutely right that these kinds of things can happen in times of stress. Sometimes when you're stressed, you gotta really qualify your high and say "I'm gifting this myself," or "i earned it." And that's it, you're at mental Disneyland and not worrying about anything and going along for the ride.
    I think it's great advice and should be mentioned again to take some time off, and smoke a little bit when you start up again. Hope that helps
  13. dj88 dj88

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    From what you just stated here tells me that you are completely ignorant of what a true panic attack is, or to such extreme effects this drug can truly deliver to an unsuspecting individual. I can tell you from personal experience that sipping on some orange juice and lying down won't cut it. Sitting in a comfortable chair isn't going to cure the urge of dying or going to the ER. What a joke. It is a bad reaction and completely involuntary. You and others are fortunate to not have had such adverse effects and are in no position to tell others who have had otherwise, and if you did, you yourself would truly question using this stuff again.
  14. Weedster95 Weedster95

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    im not calling bullshit or any thing but i suffer from bi-polar and deppresion and weed evens me out nicely but thats just me and im not saying that this is they same for every one, everyones diffrent so im just throwing that out there:)
  15. st0ner777 st0ner777

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    laced weed sucks my freind got laced weed with shrooms
  16. iSmoke 'N Toke iSmoke 'N Toke

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    If you can't control yourself, you didn't smoke good enough stuff. That's the way to look at it.
    Afgan Kush <3
  17. angie13 angie13

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    I dont know why...

    I have tried over and over again to enjoy a bowl or joint and every time I smoke i get sick, i vomit violently and I don't know why or what could be making me throw up. I have handled pot before with no rashes so i'm not sure its an allergy, but I feel crappy and throw up.. i have tried good and expensive to cheap and stinky all make me throw up.. any suggestions or ideas what my problem is? :think:

    thnx a ton!
  18. Ghoast Ghoast

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    this thread is really really old.. but I will answer ur question!

    Why don't you try smoking much less weed? A bowl for an unexperienced person is WAY too much! IMO!

    Try smoking a joint/spliff with like 80/20 tobacco/weed.. - If you smoke tobacco..

    or just put the tiniest amount in your pipe.. smoking with tobacco or other herbal mixes will make the joint much smoother and you hopefully wont throw up..

    Hitting bongs and such makes me want to hurl too! :)
  19. Goshuajoshua Goshuajoshua

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    I had a bad panic attack only once when I was by myself and I kept telling myself that "I'm okay, everything is fine" I find that another good key to keep from freaking out is stimulation so you don't sit there and think negatively. Some examples can be at a concert, a party, playing video games(I am amazing at Halo Reach when high), and really anything you enjoy that isn't very difficult to perform.
  20. #BuD #BuD

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    I've never really had a panic attack but I know they can be devastating. My brother one day was at our house really high and he started freaking out and had to go to the ER. That's some very useful information for people who get panic attacks.

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