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  1. Truffle1988 Truffle1988

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    What the hell is Piff? I hear every kid who smokes around here talking about I got that Piff, or I smoked that Piff......But 90% of the time the shit looks, taste, and gets me high the same as my middy and reg shit, so what the hell is Piff? I no they say its Haze, or Purple haze
  2. SpiralArchitect SpiralArchitect

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    Sounds like the person has no idea what they are talking about themselves. I've never heard of marijuana being called 'piff' and I have most assuredly never heard it used to refer to Haze, specifically Purple Haze. It sounds like it's just a term for high grade beasters. :shrug:

    Just another one to add to the Glossary of Terms along with pot, reefer, kush, bud, ganja, etc....
  3. Truffle1988 Truffle1988

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    Wait so things like Kush, and Piff arent strains just a term used for like banging or good
  4. peace n love peace n love

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    kush is a strain, piff is slang i reckon. i guess it's just like "i got that fire" or something similar.
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  5. Truffle1988 Truffle1988

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    Truth Truth ok thats what I thought
  6. SpiralArchitect SpiralArchitect

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    Kush is a strain of marijuana, from the Hindu Kush mountains in Pakistan I believe...

    Although alot of times it's used to refer to pot of a certain variety. It's hard to describe but a 'bubblegummy' or particular fluffy but compact type of marijuana. This is by no means the proper term but I just thought I would throw it out there ;)
  7. Dark Dark

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    "Yo man I got dat PIFF homeboy. Piff is da shit. One whiff or one sniff of this piff will have you lifted and straight twisted!"

    *ahem*...No idea what piff is.

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    Til now I had always thought it was just some other drug.
  9. Passage Passage

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    Piff up here just means good shit.
  10. gabriel420 gabriel420

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    Piff is just like "dank" bud, usually like from the projects where they think anything that's better than beasties is dank and have no clue what to call pot.
  11. chadwick chadwick

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    sounds like a word for regs that come with a strain name, and kush is a strain with many crosses, always seems to be fairly high quality
  12. Damnthecommies Damnthecommies

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    piff is slang used a lot in the city i noticed, meaning good bud. but i check it out and its usually dirt compared to what i get
  13. D-Blaze D-Blaze

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    Up here in massachusets everyone says piff.. atleast on cape cod that is. piff is really dank bud around here usually the greenest most crystalized bud that goes around.. twenty a g tho. i pick up ropes for three hndred lol
  14. NEOp00 NEOp00

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    piff i believe is a slang for good weed because my dealer told me a little while back and i thought it was a a sterian he said he had some ill piff for me he then told me it was kush so yea just slang probably
  15. Zeroxtreem Zeroxtreem

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    Yeah, it's just a word meaning good bud.

    Usually a level or two above mids depending on where you live
  16. di4r di4r

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    ...That was dope...:blazed:

    Never heard of piff.
  17. MetallicaFan495 MetallicaFan495

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    Hahahahahaha you all are crazy. Piff is weed laced with PCP (and sorry for saying an off topic drug but im stating what it is).
  18. 024 024

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    A slang word native to your area.
  19. troublemaker420 troublemaker420

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    maybe where you're from, but as has been explained multiple times in this thread, it is typically is just slang for good bud. :shrug: I personally find the word "piff" retarded-sounding, as are most of the people who say it, IMO. As far as being crazy, theres numerous entries in the online "urban dictionary" suggesting piff is just good weed, but not a single mention of it having anything to do with PCP....so FAIL on that being THE definition. In 16 years of smoking pot, you are the first person I know who has used piff to describe pcp-laced weed.

    Urban Dictionary: piff

    No mention of PCP in the first three pages of definitions, so it must not be TOO prevalent as a slang term, and certainly not "THE" definition as claimed by Metallicafan..... although, on page 3, theres a rather humorous claim that its not weed laced with pcp, but "grown" with "opium" in it LOL
  20. MetallicaFan495 MetallicaFan495

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    I live in maryland, piff is what they call when they dip joints in PCP here. Everywhere has different slang terms. This one girl I knew from texas moved to maryland, and for like 6 months she was trying to tell me that kb and headies were chronic. I tried explaining to her several times that chronic is weed laced with coke, but she said I was b/sing. Then I looked it up once and for all, and on the east coast chronic is weed laced with coke, while on the west coast chronic is just dank bud. It all just depends where you live.

    Urban Dictionary: chronic

    Look at the second definition thats what im talking about.

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