Pipe Resin is TAR

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by nornerator, Oct 15, 2006.

  1. reefsaver reefsaver

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    I agree, the only time I have taken resin hits was when I was out and they were not worth it. Nasty evil stuff that does not make for a good high. I clean my bowls about every other load to get that fresh bud taste. Now with added calcium. Sorry...ripped.
  2. dreamsurge dreamsurge

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    Yeah, same here. I enjoy resin (sorry, RESIDUE:rolleyes:) quite a bit. But I've heard that the reason you get high from the leftover tar is carbon monoxide in it or something along those lines...

    That's interesting, because the residue highs are almost exactly like THC highs. I smoked a bowl of residue with my friend in a tree once and we got BLITZED and we played hot potatoe, all the while laughing 'cause we were stoned.

    So, I guess every once in a while it's fine, I mean it gets you high, right? And every once in a while can't do that much damage to your lungs, I know people who smoke black tar heroin and their lungs are fine (DON'T DO HEROIN THOUGH:devil::nono:).
  3. Criard Criard

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    We usually smoke out of piece until it starts to get clogged, then scrape all of the sinful goodness out with paperclips. Eveything scraped out is rolled up into one big ball. we pack up a bowl and half bury the ball. lighting the bowl, we start off just hitting the resin. short while after, the resin ball melts down throughout the bowl and coats all of the bud. it ends up burning for the looooongest time. smoking out of a normally 20 hit bowl yielded about 45 this way. It's taken us well over 30 minutes to smoke one of these "everlasting bowls" as we call them. It gets to a point where you're so high you really dont even otice you're smoking anymore. just completely smashed
  4. skidoo skidoo

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    Well obviously it would have some THC. From the study:

    In the present study, tar extracts were prepared from marijuana and tobacco cigarettes, analyzed for their composition, and evaluated for their ability to induce CYP1A1 messenger RNA (mRNA) and enzymatic activity.

    They used roaches. Not the crap that collects in a bowl or a downstem. Nevertheless, they go on to say...

    As I'm sure poo (to continue ScoobySnax's analogy) contains a higher concentration (by weight or by volume) of vitamins and minerals than the food that went in. That doesn't mean it actually contains more vitamins and minerals.

  5. Purple_Haze_82 Purple_Haze_82

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    I had some resin (oops, residue) last night and got decently high for a few hours. No headache. It's usually a last resort though. Not as satisfying as actual weed.
  6. ITG ITG

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    It does if compared to a piece of marijuana of the same mass. Obviously, you are correct that the residue left after a specific bowl has less THC IN it than the marijuana itself. However, if you were to smoke enough to get, say, 1 gram of residue built up in your pipe, then scraped it and compared the THC content to that of 1 gram of the marijuana you usually smoke, you would find it to have more THC in it.

    However, I DO have to ask a question about this. We all know that you want to try and keep your weed away from air, heat, etc. to preserve it- this is why we use those baggies, right? Now, I believe that this is because it degrades the THC. Does the THC in residue degrade similarly, with exposure to air and every bit of hot smoke or flame? This could explain the differences of highs that people experience due to smoking residue, and probably would not have been accounted for in the research- they most likely simply measured it right after burning it.

    So, does this happen? If you want to save your residue for a rainy day, should you scrape your bowl often and put it in a baggie, to prevent air and heat exposure? What's the answer?

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    Tar or not it still gets me pretty baked when I'm in a bind...

    One time it was reading week here (study break) and me and my friend were dry...we scraped all my pipes and smoked it and it got us just as high as we would have before. We probably had to smoke a lot more and it tasted like crap (not healthy I'm sure) but it really can get you high. Sometimes even just toking an empty bowl with a lot of residue in it can give you a good buzz.
  8. Pinto Pinto

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    It is sooo much easier to pinch a little bit of weed everytime you buy a sac. Just like a little little bit. Then when your dry you have good stuff, not cancer, and all it cost you is about 1/2 a hit whenever you smoke. This is what i do, you have to respect your body.
  9. redeyed redeyed

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    thats some news for all to follow

    exept for i, who smoked a whole bowl of resin soaked weed that i get in the end of each joint that i dont bother getting tweezers to smoke it with.
    and i got a really crappy buzz off of it

    only use for what i did was
    IT SMELLED GREAT! the smell was just awsome and it did feal like some high quality ganj (except it was the begin with lol)
  10. Ir0n_mE Ir0n_mE

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    I just smoked a resin bowl.

    Pretty disgusting I admit but hey, I'm outta weed and felt the urge to smoke.

    I scraped resin from my pipe and then put it on the screen. It was probably only like .3 of a gram or so and I'm feeling pretty good, my eyes are red and my stomach is rumbling.

    This stuff definitely has THC in it. The question is whether you want to smoke gross shit to get high.
  11. Tewks44 Tewks44

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    wow, I actually used to smoke the tar in my pipe thinking it was resin with a high THC content. thanks for the info.
  12. Deathcore0 Deathcore0

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    Either way, i'm not gonna be smoking the resin(tar) out of my pipes. It just seems really gross to me and it's not worth the high
  13. RollingStonedZS RollingStonedZS

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    shit, i just smoked a ball of, what i thought was resin, but its fucking tar, great, i just killed my lungs =(... RIP LUNGS!
  14. starlon starlon

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    Oh great, now we're going to have to go through another 30 years of research to see if pipe residue causes cancer. Stop the madness.
  15. burdturd burdturd

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    Stop the madness? I say we start it! People should know what they're smoking.
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  16. starlon starlon

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    You don't get it, for prohibitionists 30 years of research means 30 years of oppression. As long as they can dangle this what-if clause in our face, they have the upper hand, because FUD is strong when winning opinions.

    Personally I don't see anything wrong with smoking pipe residue. And it's not like people are smoking this stuff day after day. It comes at a rare occasion, when the black market runs dry, or a speeding ticket cuts into your stash. I certainly don't see this becoming a problem for marijuana reform. I was being sarcastic.
  17. t-1000 t-1000

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    so smoking pot is safe now? taking a bong rip of pipe residue versus weed... pipe resin may have more carcinogens... but how much more? do you have any scientific evidence that demonstrates a large difference between the two? If so, please post it.


    smoke will not get you high. carbon monoxide, methane, benzene, carcinogens, etc... will not get you "high". there are many solvents and propellants used as inhalants and the resulting "high" lasts for very short periods of time. Based on your reasoning, pipe residue from smoking green tea would be just as effective at getting you high as pipe residue from smoking northern lights. Seriously... I dont anyone needs to think hard about this

    ummm... no

    there is an immediate cooling effect when the gas comes in contact with a cool surface.

    This is the phenomenon anyone familiar with heat transfer and fluid dynamics would refer to as "convective heat transfer"

    you may be correct... but do you have any studies which show this?

    The fact is, I read a study which showed that pipe residue was found to contain a significantly higher concentration of THC versus the original weed that was used to produce the smoke. I cannot remember the concentrations of either the residue or weed. I remember that the weed was within the typical range of quality outdoor grown pot.

    Mostly I just want to see some peer reviewed evidence. I smoke hash and when I scrape out my pipe and smoke the residue I get very high. This is not some school glue inhalant effect, it is every bit a normal high. Smoking weed is different yes, but it doesnt mean the residue from bud is worthless or 100% NOT THC
  18. Plainsman1963 Plainsman1963

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    I have read the same study. I've even posted it somewhere on the board. I believe the resin had 5 times the amount of THC, if I remember right.


    Check out post #34. :laugh:
  19. t-1000 t-1000

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    nice :D
  20. Killerchron Killerchron

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    I was going to ask for a link to prove the OP, but realized this thread is ancient.

    Notice to all: If you want to start threads like this one, make sure you have links to back up your argument.

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