poppy seeds and marijuana

Discussion in 'Urine Testing' started by Bongduy, May 17, 2009.

  1. Bongduy Bongduy

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    i don't remember how my friend said this but i think it goes a little something like this. he smokes marijuana, and eats poppy seeds, so when he fails a drug test, he blames it on the poppy seeds. is that possible?
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  2. FakeBoobsRule FakeBoobsRule

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    No unless by poppy seeds you mean marijuana brownies.

    No false positives.
  3. Guru Guru

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    I've heard consuming poppy seeds before a test can give a positive for opiates.. but not cannabis.
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  4. lew scannon lew scannon

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    As FBR pointed out, theres really no more false positives. False positives are eliminated when the sample goes to the GC/MS for confirmation. The GC/MS would differentiate between illicit and non-illicit substances.
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  5. st0n3ds0ur420 st0n3ds0ur420

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    yeah that doesnt work anymore...
  6. Secs Secs

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    You won't test positive for cannabis by eating poppy seeds. Any discussion of opiates is not kosher with this site.

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