pupils- bigger or smaller???

Discussion in 'Medicinal Marijuana' started by poo child, Oct 20, 2002.

  1. poo child poo child

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    when ure stoned do your pupils go bigger or smaller????
    just wondered cos we have an on going argument with my friend about it. Also does having dilated pupils mean that ure pupils have gone big???? I reckon ure pupils go smaller my self. please help me!!!
  2. Bongzilla Bongzilla

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    dilate - to expand :)

    I think almost everyone's pupils dilate, I know mine do :D
  3. gdman420 gdman420

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    Contracted pupiles are a sign of use of an off topic substance, the seeds of which are baked onto bagles.

    smokin :chokin:
  4. howdooyoodoo howdooyoodoo

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    Whenever i smoke, my pupils get really small, almost as small as i pin head, not dillated. hmmm.... weird :confused:
  5. Shaman Shaman

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    It depends on the intensity of the light being shined in them at the time. :) :p
  6. ikari ikari

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    I believe that they don't dilate or contract.

    Rather, they just do both faster.

    If you use a light and someone to watch your pupils (or a mirror) you should find that while stoned, they dialate and constrict a LOT faster then when sober.

    You should find that at night you can see better while stoned than while sober, because your eyes will dialate and "adjust" faster.

    At least, that's what I always find.

    I only get pupil dialation from off-topic psychadelics, and pupil constrictions from alcohol (i know other things constrict, but i dont do those so i cant say from personal experience).
  7. Blunted420Life Blunted420Life

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    i do believe your eyes contract and dialate slower thats how cops know your messed up because when they shine the light in your eyes and it takes them a while to contract.:eek:
  8. ikari ikari

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    Re: slower


    i thought they were looking for slow eye movement (like when you follow the light pen, your actions are all delayed)..

    maybe im wrong though.. i just always find when im stoned my eyes dialate/contract a lot faster..
  9. LordIcer LordIcer

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    Get really stoned and go into the bathroom and turn the light off. Stand there for a bit until your eyes adjust. Turn on the light and look close at a mirror and watch how they dilate more slowly than normal (at least for me). It is pretty common on off-topic psycoactive (sp) drugs for your pupils to become extremely dilated. I have never really noticed the actual size of my pupils as any different when I am stoned though.
  10. shawnatwiSzzy shawnatwiSzzy

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    my pupils both go smaller, and bigger :p idk why tho...i find it cool when they go bigger. but i guess it depends on the person because i've met many people who have both happen to them,
  11. sh4rpy sh4rpy

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    The dilation/ constriction of your eyes depends on many factors. Without posting a longwinded response, there are a lot of variables that need to be accounted for, such as: potency/strain of cannabis, environment, time of day, personal visual acuteness ( or lack there-of), and the list goes on.

    I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be, but it is my personal opinion that pupils will become more dilated after smoking cannabis based on the principle that marijuana tends to increase the sensitivity of your sensory perception. In layman's terms when you're high everything tastes, sounds, looks, feels different (and most times better :) ).
  12. AlwaysBeSafe AlwaysBeSafe

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    Im pretty sure weed has nothing to do with pupil dilation...im pretty sure it has to do with light. When its darker, your pupils are going to dilate because your eyes need to take in more light. When theres alot of light your pupils become constricted because they dont need to take in as much light to focus.

    Weed just makes your eyes red and glossy...

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