Question= quarter ounce equal to quarter bag?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by jm_farley01, Jun 12, 2007.

  1. jm_farley01 jm_farley01

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    I am new to this, and have two questions.

    1. Is a quarter ounce equal to a quarter bag? Should they both equal 7 grams or .25 ounces?

    2. What does mid mean?

    I just got high for the first time Sunday night. (I'm 36). I have to admit it was pretty weird feeling, but. . . dang was I happy. Now I know what I've been missing. I wish that I had some friends to do it with, because by yourself isn't fun.
  2. vern vern

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    I'd say they both equal the same, 7 grams. But I am not your dealer. ;)

    Mids/middies all the same thing, mid-grade bud. Not the best, not the worst...not shwag and not dank. Depends on where you are really.

    You should peek over the Glossary of Terms forum, you can get caught up on the slang.
  3. tennis shoesas tennis shoesas

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    well welcome to smoking.

    Alright, for starters

    yes a quarter is the same thing as a quarter o or 7g or .25 ounces.

    And secondly mids is a type of weed.

    Depending on the area your from depends on certain names.

    From where i'm from the lingo generally goes in this manner.

  4. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    I could see some dealers calling a quarter bag $25 worth....
    That would be substantiallyt different than a quarter ounce.
  5. Jake Jake

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    Where I'm from a "quarter" is only used when talking about 7.2 grams of weed. We don't have nicknames for amounts of money other than "dime" and "nickel"

    If people started to use "quarter" for $25 worth of weed, the confusion would drive me batty.
  6. Brandnew1 Brandnew1

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    Yea a quarter is 7 grams. And you said smoking by yourself isn't fun. I admit it's not the same as smoking with your buddies, but it's still pretty fun, you should try it out :)
  7. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    I agree.
    My friend's connection only deals in dollar amounts, not weights, which I find fucked up as all hell.
    Funny story. Another friend was going through her to this hookup, and told her he wanted an eigth (as in 1/8th oz). The hookup heard this and was blown away. "EIGHT DOLLARS WORTH OF WEED?!?!?!?!"

    Apparently, that's how they roll in da ghetto... :laugh:
  8. 5drive 5drive

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    I know what you mean. It's new to you so you want to share the experience with a friend. I remember your first posts about your 2 gram, $25 'quarter oz' of mids bought from your 'friend'. While 2g can be worth $25, it wouldn't be mid grade, and a quarter oz. is a quarter oz. He's not your friend and I wouldn't want to see him again, let alone smoke with him. He played you for a sucker. Congrats on using the Lounge as a resource to find that out. :thumb: Hope you can find a better source and a friend to share your high.
  9. JmaG JmaG

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    always sucks to smoke alone

    if ur in FL id gladly blaze
  10. fuzzyninja fuzzyninja

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    Around here, quarters (quarter ounces) are $25. ($25-$30)
    I usually can get them for $25 though.

    Oh, and it's schwag.
  11. Sp_Lit Sp_Lit

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    Everything up in Cleveland is easy.. just 5 sac, 10 sac, 8's, quarters, halfs, and o's
    thats what most peopel i know refer to the weigt of it as

    and mids is just a refernce meaning as to how good it is, which means its just and above average kind

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