real kush?

Discussion in 'Strains and Definitions' started by RJ86, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. RJ86 RJ86

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    how can you tell if a bud is kush just by looking at it?
  2. BudSmoker92 BudSmoker92

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    You cant unless you know what seed it came from. It should look very green with alot of crystals though.
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  3. Rocketman Rocketman

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    Like Bud said it is hard to tell, ask your dealer, if he knows (Hopefully he does), he can answer you.

    But I'm sure your asking to see if hes ripping you off or not.

    But lots of green, and lots of Crystals :D
  4. UpInFlames UpInFlames

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    You can't really tell unless you're very expirienced. But you can break it down. First see if it's an indica, which is very green and the buds are big and kinda fluffy. If it's grayish, small and doesn't have a strong smell then it's a sativa and it's definitley not kush. Also in my past expiriences with kush it's always had a strong fruity smell.
  5. RJ86 RJ86

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    ya i feel like everyone and their mother has "kush" and i just wanted to know if there is a certain thing that tells you if it is kush... but ill look out for the fluffy buds
  6. rich420 rich420

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    A lot of the kush strains are really similar, as in smell and look. Almost all have that lighter green to it and a strong kush smell.
  7. hollywood39 hollywood39

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    i saw yellow kush from Afghanistan one time... i smoked it and i was ultra baked
  8. Ccole420 Ccole420

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  9. mondaymonkey mondaymonkey

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    Indicas are very very very dense. They are also very dark green coloured. Should be a vivid green colour
  10. backformore543 backformore543

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    You can't you got to know the strain usually dealers attach names to Marijuana to sell it as a dank instead of a high-mid. This is how people get ripped off ha. Usually most of the time you can tell though is,because it will be light and fluffy, with many-many crystals. Just the normal exotic weed look.
  11. Vlad Vlad

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    Yeah I've got something called Canadian Kush, and I swear it smells like a skunk. It's great, though, gives me an awesome body high.
  12. nicks2Kjetta nicks2Kjetta

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    i didnt think you could tell indica vs. sativa once its harvested....maybe im wrong:confused:

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