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Discussion in 'The 420 Lounge' started by PinkFloyd1965, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. PinkFloyd1965 PinkFloyd1965

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    Yo, my weed has red hairs on it. Is that good? Why or why not? Thanks.
  2. i love weed 420 i love weed 420

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    it's good, nuff said
  3. CanadianJihad21 CanadianJihad21

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    how good. i would like to know. please give it a rating of out of 5. xplay style. 5 being the very best. without pix i know it must be tough but any help is appreciated. thanky you.....


    im blazed off my red hair weed
  4. OpiaticSchism OpiaticSchism

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    I'm pretty sure it is just a sign of really good weed in certain strains (not all kick ass strains are covered in red hairs). I've heard someone mention here that the hairs don't actually contain much THC if any at all, but they are just a sign of good weed.
  5. ninja_christ ninja_christ

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    I'm not a weed doctor or anything but you smoked it so why don't you tell us on a scale of 5 what you think it is?

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    :D Honestly, if this is the first time you have seen red hairs on weed, then dont ever go back to the people you normally buy from. Just buy from the guy you got the red haired weed from. I have never gotten a any type of bud that doesnt have red hairs on it. So im guessing, no red hairs means hella bunk weed.
  7. feedyourhead feedyourhead

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    i think that's just the kind of weed it is. i've had schwag with red hairs, and good middies with red hairs, and both kinds without.
  8. CanadianJihad21 CanadianJihad21

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    2 out of five for weed. me and my buddy just slammed through a couple rounds of captain america and the avengers for the genesis
  9. Darque Pervert Darque Pervert

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    That is impossible.

    Basically, those 'red hairs' are parts of the marijuana flower that have aged and dried abit to get that reddish color. IT USUALLY means that the bud was harvested at or near it's peak of ripeness. Notice I said USUALLY. REd hairs is not a guarantee that the bud is quality. I've had shit bud with red hairs.

    It is, however a good sign.
    Another thing to look for: White or cream-colored crystals coating the bud. It may look like a sugary coating if there are lots of them.
  10. IGemini IGemini

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    I got my hands on an eighth of some very red local hydro...the expensive one some might recall me mentioning. One SOTW candidate picture looked just as red....though I can't find it. Anyway, it lasted me 6 weeks. Very good stuff.
  11. vern vern

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    This Pic?


    If only those red hairs were psychoactive.
  12. Mrs. D. Pervert Mrs. D. Pervert

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    As a natural redhead, I feel the need to add that red hair is always a good thing. 'Nuff said. :)
  13. Sofa King Sofa King

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    Darque said it best. Red Hairs don't mean much. I've also had with and without,good and bad. It's the crystals you should look for. The more the merrier.

    No offense to Mrs Darque. Most red heads will get at least a second glance from me.:D
  14. k20 k20

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    red hairs, green or purple leaves, crystals... great things! :D
  15. CanadianJihad21 CanadianJihad21

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    I would love to see your red hair. :fencers:
  16. Jake Jake

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    Redhaeds are pretty cool as long as they aren't gingers...

    A red friend recently bought a green shirt and thinks that she looks like a nug because of her hair and the shirt. I don't know:shrug:
  17. IGemini IGemini

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    Yup, that pic...looked just as red.

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