Refrigitation bad for buds?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories' started by Soxfan24, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. Soxfan24 Soxfan24

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    I have a red bull refrigerator that i keep on the floor next to my PC, i'm and the only one that uses it and the fridge has a lock and I'm the only one with they keys so if it's out of sight from the glass window i should be fine but idk about the climate inside and how it will affect weed. Anyone have a a clue?
  2. buddha tokin buddha tokin

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    If your trying to store your bud for awhile, i suggest air tight sealing and refrigeration. It will not harm your bud as long as you don't get it wet. If wet, mold can grow and ultimately ruin your weed.

    I got arrested 2 years ago for possession and put on probation for 6 months, so i couldn't smoke. I put the leftover half ounce of marijuana in my refrigerator for over 6 months and the bud was fresh.

  3. SpiralArchitect SpiralArchitect

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    Yes your bud should be fine a fridge, as buddha tokin mentioned your going to want an air tight container. If you don't have something like that (canning jars work great) you can always put it in a ziploc bag inside of another ziploc bag.

    Make sure your marijuana isn't fresh or wet either, it will most likely go bad after an extended period of time.

    Also, avoid the freezer - you don't want frozen nugs. :)
  4. chadwick chadwick

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    is freezing your nugs bad cause i have a friend who does that, he put it in the freezer for 12-24 hours befor a big sesion and the buds taste so fresh and smell beautiful

    but fridging your nugs isnt bad, they will last alot longer in their and warmth not cold will hurt the THC content so cold should slow the loss of THC which takes a long time anyways
  5. SpiralArchitect SpiralArchitect

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    I'm not sure if its bad, but its probably unnecessary - it's plenty cold in the fridge to keep the buds good. If you have like some serious bulk, the freezer might be your best bet, just make sure you take necessary precautions to assure the buds don't get freezer burn, water crystals or grow mold/mildew.

    The reason they taste so fresh and smell beautiful is because they are cold and probably a little frozen. :shrug: I can see how something coming out of a freezer all cold can seem fresh and tasty though.
  6. Dark Dark

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    I have read that because of the atmosphere inside of a freezer, it gives a higher chance that mold will grow on your pot. If you have the choice, pick a fridge, it will suit your needs just fine.
  7. Buzzby Buzzby

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    Weed has two enemies, mold and oxidation. The first is prevented by keeping the weed's moisture content below 15%. The second is controlled by lowering the temperature and excluding oxygen and light.

    It is said that the absolute best way to store weed for long periods of time is in vacuum-sealed glass jars in a freezer. I have never liked the effects of freezing on bud, as it tends to become crumbly. When I buy my annual stash, I put it in half-pint mason jars, use my handy-dandy air pump to suck out all the air, and keep the jars in the back of my refrigerator. I used some stash that had been stored this way for more than two years and it was almost as good as the day I sealed up the jar.

    Refrigerators tend to have pretty high humidity, so it is essential that the weed be totally separated from it. Zip-locks are not airtight. If you want to keep your bud mold-free in the fridge, keep it sealed in airtight glass jars.
  8. ILoveGanj ILoveGanj

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    Temperature Change

    Hey does anyone know if temperature change effects anything? will taking it out of the cold and then having it in the heat do anything?
  9. Buzzby Buzzby

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    I'd minimize the temperature change, just as you do for anything refrigerated: take what you need and put the rest back in the cold as quickly as possible. When I take a few day's worth of bud out of one of my vacuum-sealed jars, the jar is out of the refrigerator just long enough to extract the buds and pump out the air.

    Does taking it out of the cold hurt it? No. Would leaving it out in the warm for long periods hurt it? Yes. That's why you keep it cold.
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  10. The Blazemaster The Blazemaster

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    Refridgeration is great for long term bud storage!

    However, airtight containers will be in order... Ziplocs are a no no, you must use a mason jar or some other vaccuum sealed container. If you dont, your precious weed will mould.

    I would make sure to keep it dark in the fridge too, as prolonged exposure to light will deplete its THC content...
  11. Judah Judah

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    its cool your fridge has a lock, but don't those red bull fridges have a glass door? hope the 'rents don't peer through ;)

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